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Top online resources for 2016 election


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Story by Ashley Coker // Contributing Writer | Photo courtesy of Flicker

With two months until Election Day, it’s time for voters who have not been staying up-to-date on the issues to do their homework. Luckily, the Internet makes catching up easier than ever. There is a ton of information out there, but checking out these reliable and user-friendly resources is a great way to get started.

1. I Side With

Every voter’s first step in deciding who to pull for at the polls is figuring out which candidate they agree with the most. I Side With features a quiz that asks users where they stand on all the major political issues,from the environment to the economy. It then compares those answers with each candidate’s stance, ranking the presidential hopefuls by how similar their responses were to the test taker’s.

2. New York Times Election Guide

The constant flow of information surrounding the election makes it almost impossible to keep up with it all. The NY Times Election Guide is updated daily with the most important news about what the candidates are doing. It also includes poll results, a feature that fact checks what the candidates say and a list of related articles for voters who want to read further. This site is ideal for those who do not have time to sift through all the headlines looking for important election bits.

3. theSkimm

Another great option for busy college students, theSkimm is a daily e-mail newsletter that rounds up the latest news, rewrites it into easy-to-digest summaries and adds a dash of wit. The newsletters include a hefty dose of political news, but their website also has a feature called Skimm the Vote 2016. This feature introduces readers to the candidates, explains the issues and provides an overview of confusing technicalities, including the Electoral College, delegates and voter ID laws.

4. Politico

Politico is all politics, all the time. The nonpartisan news website often produces in-depth, investigative articles that are perfect for voters who want to dig a little deeper. It also has a special election tab where readers will find a delegate tracker, an election schedule and all major primary results.

5. Last Week Tonight

Political news can be a heavy, but that does not mean it can never be funny. That is where “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” comes in. In the satirical talk show, Oliver spends half an hour breaking down one issue from the week before, with plenty of jokes to keep things light. It is perfect for those who value both a good laugh and being informed. “Last Week Tonight” airs on HBO at 11 p.m. on Sundays, but all the episodes are also posted on the the show’s Youtube page.

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