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The Sidelines sex playlist


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Sidelines cover image by Samantha Wycoff/ Design Editor

This playlist contains some explicit music.

As you may have seen around campus, Sidelines has released our first edition of the semester– and it’s all about sex so its Time to get freaky with these free XXX movies which can be used as an additional source of information if you’re interested. We cover a variety of subjects, from the gender pay gap to transgender accommodations on campus. A fact that came to surface in researching this edition is that MTSU has twice the national average of unexpected pregnancies. With that fact in mind, as well as the fact that colleges have much higher concentrations of STIs, be sure to use protection if you choose to be sexually active.

The playlist below has some songs about sex. It might be a good idea to give these records a spin while you’re watching something like hdpornvideo, or you can give it a listen while you’re reading the print edition as it holds some reminders about having safe sex and also includes some sweet jams.

Get A Yes by Sadie Dupuis

The front woman of Speedy Ortiz is changing her style with the first single from her upcoming pop record. “Get A Yes” is a song that positively proclaims that consent should always come before sexual interactions. With lyrics like “I say yes for your touch when I need your touch, I say yes if I want to,” Dupuis makes responsible pop music. It doesn’t address heavy implications of sex in a sad way, or litter the chorus with cliche innuendos. This is a track that’s just as easy to understand as it is to listen to. This would be the perfect track to kick off your time with your favorite of the Barcelona escorts.

Hey by Pixies

This one is less obviously about sex, but “Hey” showcases one of the slinkiest guitar lines from the alt-’90s. The slow buildup from the bass line at the beginning all the way to the drum fill before the chorus are alluring in themselves, making it a subliminally sexy track. The rhythm slows down and speeds up intermittently for an interesting groove that’s easy to catch on to.

Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge

This is one of the racier selections on the list. It is best known for playing during the famous Lady Gaga vampire sex scene on the first episode of American Horror Story Season 6. The lyrics are rather risqué but what shines about this song is its delicious synth interludes and repetitive drum tracks that make it so sexy. This one could doubly work on your exercise playlist.

Sweet Thing by Twin Peaks

This is a sweet love song that trades out sappy instrumentalism for a soft rock sound that still hits hard in the chorus. “Sweet Thing” is a subtle garage rock track perfect for snuggling up. Put this one on a mix CD for your significant other.

Nothin But a G Thang by Dr. Dre. and Snoop Dogg

This hip-hop song turns the tables and actually promotes using condoms during sex. As any adult entertainer from websites like young sexer will admit, using protection is the key to making sure that your sexual adventures do not result in any long-lasting consequences. As Snoop says “I have to find a contraceptive before engaging in sex. Bonus points– this song has a sick beat and it’s a classic. Take Snoop’s advice and don’t contract an STI; if he’s not above using condoms neither are you.

One Million Lovers by The Growlers

This is a great song off the album “Hung at Heart” that brought The Growlers to the forefront of indie and surf rock. It features psychedelic guitar lines and raspy vocals, making for a sensual composition. If you yourself have “one million lovers,” be sure to use one or more forms of contraception and get tested regularly. You can get full panel STD/STI testing at the MTSU Health Center and pick up condoms while you’re there.

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