‘In Her Shoes’ sexual assault simulation held by the June Anderson Center for Women and Nontraditional Students

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    February 24, 2017

    I think this article is as amazing as the subject it speaks of. The fact that we had an event like the ‘In Her Shoes’ one at The June Anderson Center for Women and Nontraditional Students. I, like many other young women I’m sure, had not even began to grasp the idea of all of the problems that tentacle out in the wake of abuse. The facts and statistics that were placed in front of the people participating, was eye-opening and horrifying. Like the article said, I really feel like this event inspired girls and boys not to be so afraid of speaking out about abuse. It put them, as the event says, “In Her Shoes”, and although this is a situation that no one can even begin to imagine themselves in, it is one girls and boys need to be aware of. Before reading this article, I read the article ‘Count to Five: The Story of Campus Sexual Assault’ by Samantha Wycoff and I think it’s so vital for articles like these to be published on campus for students to see. Articles and events like ‘In Her Shoes’ provide us with potential experiences to prepare us for the worst case scenarios as well as giving us the statistics. Articles like ‘Count to Five’ give us the emotion. They show us how all we have to do is count one in five and one of those women will be a sexual assault victim and they show us the story of survival. I am so glad that we are able to pick up Sidelines to read articles like this, so we stay aware and learn how to survive.

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    Kevin Bridges
    February 24, 2017

    I think this sexual assault seminar is a really good idea because like the article said it is one of the most under reported crimes out there. I believe sexual assault happens almost every day. It is especially important for students to know that they have a voice and shouldn’t be afraid to speak out if they have experienced something.
    The first step in solving a problem is bring awareness too it. That is what the seminar is doing and the fact that this is occurring on a college camps is also beneficial because it gets the demographic that is affected most by this which is the youth.
    It’s not fair that this program could potentially go away due to budget cuts from the dean. Women need something like this to know that they are not alone.
    Though we can never understand the physical and mental distress of sexual assault, having a simulation gets us closer to understanding and sympathizing with victims.
    Reading this gave me so much information that I didn’t know such as women who don’t go to college are more likely to be sexually assaulted than women who do go to college. Also poverty plays a big role in sexual misconduct.

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