SGA passes new bills to encourage active student body, clocks in classrooms

Story by Wesley McIntyre / Contributing Writer

In SGA’s last formal meeting of the semester, resolutions were passed to improve campus parking. The fast-paced and busy meeting also passed numerous other resolutions and bills.

One of the most impactful resolutions of the night was Senator Nathan Wech’s, which would open the Mass Communication parking lot to commuters after 4:30 p.m. Due to the massive number of commuters at MTSU, this resolution is likely to be very popular with the student body and passed 25-3.

Also regarding parking, Senator Jordan Malpass’ resolution proposed to relocate the three handicapped parking spaces in the Student Union lot closer to the building. After a short debate, the resolution ended up passing with an astounding 27-0.

Another of Malpass’ resolutions would require for “Gender Neutral” restrooms to be notated on all future published, detailed maps of MTSU’s campus. The resolution passed 26-1.

Wech also had a second resolution that aims to encourage an active environment on campus.

The resolution would leave the outside corridor door between the dining area and Blue Raider Grill in the Student Union to be left unlocked and have the doors leading into those rooms locked instead; thus, allowing access to the water fountains and bathrooms, even while the rest of the building is closed from midnight through 6 a.m. The purpose of the resolution is to assist students who are out on campus at night needing water.

The resolution was met with some disapproval, notably from Senator Bréyhana Johnson who stated, “I feel like it could be a hassle at the end of the day.”

Senator Emily Hollingsworth, a former employee of the Student Union front desk, rebuked this, saying, “I can say that it will take little to no effort to lock a different door.”

The floor eventually calmed, and the resolution passed 19-8.

Senator Emily Lupo’s resolution would require professors to provide approximate percentages along with a letter grade to students on progress reports, with the exemption of Pass/Fail courses. Lupo claims this will help students have a better idea of where they’re standing in the courses. This resolution passed 22-4.

Senator Monica Haun, a candidate for the Executive Vice-President position, presented a resolution that would have Facilities Services purchase, install and maintain clocks to be placed in all classrooms on campus. According to Haun, many of the clocks needed are already on campus, reducing the initial costs necessary. Most of the expense would come from batteries, which is a minimal cost. According to Haun, relaying information from Facilities Services, the project could cost $2,000. The resolution passed 19-6.

Haun also suggested a bill that would prorate the required hours for Senators, making it easier for Senators appointed midway through the semester to earn their required hours before the semester ends. The bill passed 27-2.

The second bill of the evening was Senator April Carroll’s, Haun’s opponent in the Vice-Presidential race. This bill would clarify the qualifications of members of SGA by disallowing any Senator or Executive Board member from holding office if they have an academic probation, disciplinary probation or trespass warning from campus police or Judicial Affairs within the last twelve months. Continuing the theme of the night, the bill passed 26-2.

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