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MTSU Student Government Association results are in for 2017 board


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Story by Caleb Revill / Contributing Writer 

MTSU’s Student Government Association held its elections for the spring 2017 SGA candidates from April 10 to April 13.

The Student Government Association is a student operated legislative body that represents student voters on campus. They work to pass legislation in accordance with the needs of the student body.

On April 5, there was an SGA officer debate in the Student Union Building. There, candidates for higher level officer positions were given the opportunity to set goals and talk about policies if they were to be elected.

Voting started at 10 a.m. on April 10 and ended at 11:45 p.m on April 13. Election results were posted outside rooms 306 and 330 in the Student Union Building on April 14.


Executive Board Officers:

  • Courtney Brandon won President with 950 total votes.
  • Monica Haun won Executive Vice President with 1338 total votes.
  • Timothy Bassett won Vice President of Campus Relations with 1113 total votes.
  • Hermon Phuntling won Vice President of Marketing with 1323 total votes.

Senators At-Large:

  • Jordan McBride with a total of 1054 votes.
  • Richard White with a total of 931 votes.
  • Seth Harrell with a total of 903 votes.
  • Beatriz Dedicatoria with a total of 864 votes.
  • Dealanie McDonald with a total of 820 votes.
  • Margaret Mahaffey with a total of 818 votes.
  • Alyssa Hedges with a total of 811 votes.

*A Senator At-Large is any student that runs for a seat while meeting the minimum requirements as listed in Article V section 3 of the SGA constitution. There is a limit of 7 seats for this position.


  1. Behavioral and Health Sciences:
  • Chloe Brandon with a total of 314 votes.
  • Bre’Yhana Johnson with a total of 252 votes.
  • Deshaun Covington with a total of 214 votes.
  • Jayvian Beasley with a total of 211 votes.
  • Samantha Eisenberg with a total of 190 votes.
  • Karl Gamble with a total of 190 votes.
  • Aeric Walker with a total of 190 votes.
  • Samirah Tunstall with a total of 181 votes.


  1. Basic and Applied:
  • Abbigail Tracy with a total of 175 votes.
  • Makayla Elliot with a total of 166 votes.
  • Keyann Reaves with a total of 160 votes.
  • Marterrio Johnson with a total of 140 votes.
  • Sydney Harris with a total of 139 votes.
  • Erykah Carter with a total of 122 votes.


  1. Business:
  • Malik Anderson with a total of 112 votes.
  • Travis Lytle with a total of 109 votes.
  • Landon Clark with a total of 95 votes.
  • Ally Cherry with a total of 90 votes.
  • Kobe Hermann with a total of 90 votes.
  • Brandon Burton with a total of 81 votes.


  1. Liberal Arts:
  • Emily Lupo with a total of 185 votes.
  • Nathan Watkins with a total of 153 votes.
  • Dalton Slatton with a total of 141 votes.
  • Ontario McGregor with a total of 140 votes.


  1. Media and Entertainment:
  • Alyssa Haddock with a total of 173 votes
  • Katey Brosche with a total of 172 votes.
  • Jordan Gustus with a total of 145 votes.
  • Jordan Mitchell with a total of 138 votes.
  • Malek Loritts with a total of 94 votes.


  1. University College:
  • Korri Cupp with a total of 65 votes.
  • Davonterious Henry with a total of 63 votes.


  1. Graduate College:
  • Vinay Vushagoni with a total of 1198 votes.
  • Cody Lester with a total of 1187 votes.


*While there are seats available under the concentration of Education, no candidates ran for those seats.

If you are curious about how SGA operates, you can view their constitution at:

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