Just Love Coffee Roasters grounded in love (and coffee beans)

Photo and story by Kristen Brothers / Contributing Writer

Whether it’s a business meeting, first date, devotional or just your everyday, casual outing, it seems as if America’s go-to line is, “Let’s do coffee.” Regardless of whether you’re a Starbucks loyal or believe Dunkin’ Donuts holds the key to the golden cup, it’s the local coffee shops that draw us in, completely stealing our hearts and taste buds. Although there are many coffee lovers who will look on sites like Kellysthoughtofthings to find out how to make the perfect cup from home, it seems the coffee shops that are around the corner are what call out to us. And Just Love Coffee Roasters has done just that for many Murfreesboro locals.

Of course, there is no shame in enjoying a cup of coffee at home. Thanks to websites such as thefullmooncafe.com, it has never been easier to get your hands on manual coffee grinders and other coffee brewing equipment. However, there is something altogether different about heading out to an actual coffee shop.

For some it’s the Instagram-worthy artisan waffles, and for others, it’s the smooth taste of the Tiramisu White Chocolate Latte, but whatever your fancy, you can find it at Just Love Coffee.

When you walk through the doors of the original Just Love Coffee, off of Memorial Boulevard in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the aroma of freshly hand-roasted coffee greets you. As you study your surrounding environment, you’ll likely find an assortment of hipster college students discussing last-minute details of a group project under the loft, a first date conversation over a latte and coffee regulars hanging out at the coffee bar, chatting it up with the barista, while they talk over a coffee grinder similar to this eureka atom grinder. The atmosphere is open and inviting and for that reason, there is no shortage of customers bustling in and out. The quality of coffee beans is very high, so they must have sourced them from excellent wholesale coffee roasters.

Just Love Coffee not only offers a variety of coffee brews, but they also boast a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the morning hours, you can choose from from the Womlette (a waffle-pressed combination of egg, sausage, cheddar cheese, onions, peppers tomatoes and tots), artisan waffles, Nana’s Cinnamon Roll and much more. The lunch and dinner menu also provide hungry customers with plenty of options, including the Jive Turkey Wrap and the Spinach Strawberry Salad.

Throughout my dinnertime visit with Just Love Coffee, I munched on the Chicken Tender Wrap, which is filled with chicken tenders, bacon, melted pepper jack cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, all inside a waffle-pressed tortilla (another Just Love special touch: every entrée is pressed with the waffle iron).

From the first bite, I was hooked. The pepper jack cheese meeting a waffle iron made the chicken wrap favor the taste of a quesadilla, and it was delectable. It was evident to me that the ingredients were of quality, and I really enjoyed it.

But Just Love Coffee is more than your average coffee shop serving yummy treats. This place has a story, and it’s one worth knowing.

Just Love Coffee was actually founded on the idea of love as is hinted in their unique brand. It’s really the story of a family, and in every waffle and cup of coffee, that much is evident.

Rob and Emily Webb founded Just Love Coffee in 2009. However, unlike many entrepreneurs the motives behind the startup weren’t money or setting their own work schedules; it was family that brewed the beginnings of this coffee business.

In the midst of brewing ideas of a coffee shop, Rob and Emily, who already had two children, were in the process of completing the adoption of two children from Ethiopia. And that’s when Rob got the idea.

What if he could use his passion for hand-roasted coffees to help benefit other families living out acts of love: through adoptions like himself, mission trips and nonprofit groups. The motive behind Just Love Coffee is just that: to just love. Within their first year of business, they reached their self-set goal of giving back over $100,000.

If you’ve yet to taste their deliciously brewed coffee or savory snacks, stop in soon! It’s for a great cause.

I would give Just Love Coffee five stars.

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