Tyler, The Creator gets creative with ‘Flower Boy’

Story by Nick Jones / Contributing Writer

Tyler, The Creator’s new album displays Tyler’s unexpected sensitive side. Although Tyler has not lost his crazy and sometimes brutal personality, he decides to take a break from the more savage attitude in place of a more emotional one. His new album “Flower Boy” is an enjoyable album to sit and listen through. It has a healthy variety of softer music with a more vulnerable demeanor and hype music with a heavier message. The internal conflict he gave in his 2011 album “Goblin” paved a way to a more resonating experience through his new album.

The album starts out with the more sensitive perspective. The songs “Foreword” and “Where This Flower Blooms” really sets the mood for the emotional journey. “Foreword” offers a great introduction to the album with the view of the inevitability of an end. Within his lyrics, you can better relate with Tyler as you can feel that he has had experiences with depression and emotional strain. In the song “Where This Flower Blooms,” Tyler made a great decision to feature Frank Ocean to sing the chorus of his song. His sensitive demeanor complemented that specific song well.

The album’s flow is very pleasing through its entirety. The instrumental aspect of the album is impressive in the fact that Tyler makes all of his own beats, showcasing his  musical evolution. However, in the song “Boredom” you can tell that Frank Ocean may have offered some assistance in making the beat for that track. The lines in “Boredom” that are repeated state “find some time to do something”. We have all struggled with boredom, and I feel like Tyler (and possibly Frank) perfectly presented an auditory visualization of boredom.

Tyler, the Creator has definitely progressed for the better musically within the years he has been prevalent. He has shown many times the diversity he has within his music. Looking deeper into his sound, you can tell that early-to mid-90s music influenced his work in this album. “Enjoy Right Now, Today” has a sort of retro, Stevie Wonder feel to it. The musical aspect of it is a wonderful way to wrap up the album. The sounds of simple vocals paired with an almost silent keyboard perfectly set the final ambiance of the record.

The album overall was a remarkable ride to experience Tyler, the Creator’s more sensitive side. Listening to the entirety of the album, you can tell that Tyler has not lost his edge but is only showing fans another personal perspective. 

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