A$AP Rocky & Young Thug add vibe-worthy beat to The Weeknd’s ‘Reminder (Remix)’

R&B artist Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, dropped a remix to his song “Reminder” Tuesday night after days of promotion on social media. Fans of The Weeknd were more than ready for the release, because new music never disappoints, even if it does.

“Reminder (Remix)” features both A$AP Rocky and Young Thug, whereas the original does not. I must admit, due to my personal preferences, I was somewhat repelled at the thought of A$AP Rocky and Young Thug joining in on the single. But despite the mainstream vibe the song gives off, I did catch myself bobbing my head to the beat of the music midway through the remix.

In neither version of the song does The Weeknd shy away from constantly reminding his listeners of the success he’s found through a music career. According to The Weeknd, success brings money, cars, drugs and women. To some, the offer is too good to pass up, but success rarely comes without a price.

Most fans of The Weeknd have heard the ongoing theory introducing the thought that The Weeknd himself sold his soul to the devil, but not all believe the hypothesis to be true. Whether or not you believe the theory is completely up to you, but this particular song, “Reminder (Remix),” wholeheartedly supports the theory.

The introduction of the remix belongs to Young Thug as his voice attempts to draw an audience. His solo reaches the first verse, and his lyrics back those sang by The Weeknd in the original version of the song. Topics of women, jets, jewelry, drugs and the overall pleasure that which derives from fame and success are all touched on in the first verse of the remix.

The Weeknd comes in with the main chorus, which serves as a simple “reminder” as to who he his. The Weeknd continues into the second verse, and he repeats the same mantra as Young Thug did in the prior verse.

It’s not until the third verse that a new, refreshing idea is initiated. Covered by A$AP Rocky, this verse doesn’t focus on women and all the other typical sub-categories of R&B music. A$AP Rocky’s verse actually contains my favorite line of the whole song, which is, “No way you think if ever I decide to cut my hair like Abel. Just like Jaden Smith, I’ll probably walk around a day with it.”

Though I wasn’t expecting to appreciate the remix, I actually prefer it to the original. With the addition of two new voices, the song demands your attention more so than the original version of “Reminder.”

The beat of the track is rather catchy, and in my opinion, the recipe to a good song involves both good lyrics and an earwig beat.

But just because I appreciate the beat doesn’t mean I approve of the message of the song. Going forward, I hope to see The Weeknd rediscover his uniqueness rather than fall into commercialization, a whole he can’t seem to escape here lately. His mainstream sound strips him of the individuality he once used to own.

The Weeknd’s “Reminder (Remix)” featuring A$AP Rocky and Young Thug provides a good beat, but that’s the extent of it. Like I stated earlier, I’ve heard the song’s exact theme many times before.

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