Sub Stop: A sandwich lover’s paradise

Sub Stop's quaint lit sign hangs in the dining room of the unique restaurant on September 12, 2017, in Murfreesboro, Tenn. (Andrew Wigdor / MTSU Sidelines)

Photo by Andrew Wigdor / News Editor

Everyone from the upper crust to the 99 percent loves sandwiches. It’s a food that has such a wide scope and is so simple, and yet, so complicated. What does it take to make this delectably and deceivingly intricate food fully realized? One shop off of the historic Murfreesboro City Square has the answer: Sub Stop.

Like most great restaurants, Sub Stop is not a large chain, it is not backed by a billion dollar corporation and it can be easy to drive by and miss. However, a restaurant such as this should never be missed. When one first steps into the restaurant, they are greeted with the inviting atmosphere of a quaint, yet stylish sandwich shop. With its stage-light clad Sub Stop sign to the state license plates that line the ceiling, the Sub Stop’s layout and decorations reflect the quiet, comfy experience that one always receives while dining in the restaurant.

Another fantastic element of the Sub Stop is the options. Any good sandwich connoisseur knows that you need variety when it comes to sandwich making and, more importantly, sandwich eating – search for sandwich shops near me and your bound to find a vast array of quality sandwich options to dine on. From the Southwest Chicken to the classic ham and cheese, Sub Stop allows any Dagwood or amateur to explore the wonderful world of sandwiches. The Sub Stop also offers a full, all-you-can-eat pizza and salad bar, which I have yet to try but always catches my eye as I pass to my table.

On my last two trips to the Sub Stop, I indulged in their Italian Meatball and their Reuben. For transparency’s sake, my grandmother is a full-blooded Italian, and she still actively cooks for myself and my family. So, I know a good meatball when I see and taste one. And, let me tell you, this meatball sub holds up. Every element from the creamy, decadent sauce to the savory meat that makes up the sub is baked and crafted to perfection. There is something special about a good meatball that warms both your heart and your stomach, and the Sub Stop’s meatballs do just that.

The Reuben is the second sandwich that I have had the pleasure of eating at the restaurant. I have only recently been interested in Reubens and everything they have they have to offer, and the Sub Stop’s may be my new favorite. A Reuben is not a complicated sandwich. But, with low-quality meat and shoddy ingredients, a Reuben can easily fail. Fortunately, the Sub Stop meat-cute doesn’t stop at the door. Piled high between the Sub Stop’s signature submarine-style bread, the Reuben more than satisfies lovers of corned beef and succulent Swiss cheese. And, while I can’t say that it is the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten, it definitely met my high expectations.

As for the bread, Sub Stop also offers a variety of dark and light breads that taste far from factory-made. Their bread reaches that just-right balance of not too soft and not too chewy to make for peak sandwich texture. The cherry on top, or, in this case, the mustard on top, is that all of the Sub Stop staff have been both accommodating and friendly, making the cozy environment that much more so.

All in all, Sub Stop delivers when one is in the mood for something simple, and it delivers when one is in the mood for something adventurous. As the name implies, its a one-stop shop for all kinds of sandwiches and sides, and I have yet to be disappointed. After a visit to the Sub Stop, you’ll never be on the wrong side of the bread again.

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