Jennifer Schlesinger delivers speech at Baldwin Photographic Gallery exhibit

Photos and story by Aaliyah Johnson / Contributing Writer

On Sept. 21 at 11:21 a.m., Sidelines removed a photo that inaccurately reported the names of attendees at this event. Sidelines regrets the error. 

Baldwin Photographic Gallery curator Jackie Heigle — who recently took the position after former curator Tom Jimison died Thursday, September 14 — hosted visiting artist Jennifer Schlesinger Monday night to speak at the Baldwin Photographic Gallery exhibit “Constellation: Fifteen Art Photographers,” which will remain open until October 20. The night began with a speech from Schlesinger and was concluded with a reception in the Baldwin Photographic Gallery.

Schlesinger explained how she wound up in the art business and of her former position as curator of the Obscura Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which she now owns. Schlesinger also served as curator of VERVE Gallery of Photography, which can also be found in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would own my own gallery,” Schlesinger said. “When they told me that they were closing, I really thought, ‘What else would I do?’ This is the experience I have and this is what I’m passionate about, and it was overnight when I made the decision to open up my own gallery.”

Schlesinger discussed the fifteen artists she chose to feature in her exhibit, which include Susan Burnstine, Cy Decosse, Coco Fransac and Beth Moon. She even touched on each artist’s unique styles and different techniques used to capture the perfect image.

“What I love about their work is that they are using all these unique approaches to photography,” Schlesinger said.

After Schlesinger’s speech, guests were encouraged to explore the exhibit. Refreshments were provided, and guests were granted the opportunity to mingle with Schlesinger and other each other.

Guests of “Constellation: Fifteen Art Photographers” admire the exhibit in Baldwin Photographic Gallery in Murfreesboro, Tenn. on September 18, 2017. (Aaliyah Johnson / MTSU Sidelines)

“I felt like the lecture opened my eyes to new possibilities of art and photography, and I just felt inspired by the different techniques,” said 32-year-old art practices major Chanell Coleman.

Psychology major Lani Bruinsma, 19, particularly enjoyed the artwork display in the “Constellation: Fifteen Art Photographers” exhibit.  

“Some (portraits) are colorful, but others are mysterious and weird in a way, like they all have a deeper meaning than just being a work of art,” Bruinsma said.

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