MTSU hosts letter-writing fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity

Photo and story by Sabrina Tyson / Contributing Writer

Middle Tennessee State University held their annual letter-writing fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity on Tuesday evening in the Student Union Building on campus. This event called students to send letters to friends and family, detailing what Habitat for Humanity is, what they do and if the recipient can send a donation for the cause.  

Students from all over campus came out to prepare letters to send off. The fundraising goal was $8,500, according to Jackie Victory, the director of student organizations and service.

“The money that is being raised currently will go towards our build that we will start in February,” Victory said.

MTSU has been partnered with Habitat for Humanity for around 14 years, according to Victory. The organization strives to provide homes for those in need by having volunteers build the homes. Students and residents can get involved by donating to or volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. So far, they have been able to build homes for seven families in Murfreesboro.

Many sororities and fraternities were encouraged to come and participate in the event.

“I think it’s a great organization that really helps people when they are in dire need, and it’s important that the school gets everyone so involved with helping them out,” said Shay Dennie, an MTSU freshman and music business major.

Prizes were also raffled off during the event. Prizes included gift cards for Flex Bucks, Target, Chipotle and Amazon.

Jonathan Gandy, an MTSU graduate student and assistant in the Office of Student Organization and Business, said that there is another MTSU fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity called the See Spot Run 5k. Participants of the fundraiser can run a 5k with their dogs and the proceeds go toward the building of homes.

“Right now, we are on track to build a house every two years, and if we could build one every year, that would be great,” Gandy said.  “We’ve raised more money every year, and we just hope that train keeps going.”

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1 Comment

  1. Logan
    November 14, 2017

    First of all, I think that any event that brings people together to help others in the community is wonderful. As the seasons get colder it is a tougher life out there for the homeless and those in our community unable to provide for themselves. it is not ones first thought to consider when nested under warm blankets by the fireplace in these chilly times to think of those less fortunate. Writing to spread the word and raise money for Habitat for Humanity to build houses is a deed that gives back around the holidays and creates a ripple effect. When one person gives, their neighbor will give, and so on and so on and before you know it a large amount of money provides homes for those in need.

    Not only does this article tell about ways to donate to the homeless to help build houses for their needs, it discusses actions students and community members have taken to make this happen. It is inspiriting to hear that actions have been conducted as this moves other community members to get involved. For example, the proceeds from the 5K that went to benefit building homes received a large turnout and lots of support. It is quite unfortunate that this much money has to be raised in the first place and that there are such unfortunate needy members of our community, but it creates kindness within the hearts of others and the want to give around the season.

    To conclude, writing and creating events to raise money to build houses to those in need is a wonderful concept that creates a ripple effect. If one human gives and starts a revolution for kindness, many will follow and that also creates purpose to life. The homeless will soon have houses because of the kindness of understanding fortunate members of the community and peace will be restored. Imagine if the whole world tried to end poverty and homelessness as our community does with goals and events in a smaller scale. Spreading kindness to those in need effects more than just a place to stay for the night; it effects the hearts of many.