Review: ‘The Punisher’ tests boundaries, embraces essence of the comic

Story by Daniel Scroggins / Contributing Writer

The year-long wait for “The Punisher” to invade Netflix is now over, and the series is everything the lead character is meant to stand for.

It follows Marvel’s “Daredevil,” where “The Punisher” was first introduced in Season 2. This led to the excitement of many fans to see Jon Bernthal portray “The Punisher,” which he does successfully as he incorporates such depth and emotion that fans can easily relate to.

But the love for the series comes as no surprise. In fact, the comic stands as one of the bestselling spinoff comics in Marvel history, which is only reiterated in the reactions of fans to race to the new issue after “The Punisher” appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man #129.”

But what makes it so popular?  

First of all, it refreshes the minds of comic lovers with an innovative focus that completely disregards the forgiving hero but rather puts to use a more vengeant, black and white perspective of the law vigilante. This storyline is why people, like myself, love “The Punisher;” it’s all about real characters, not characters with powers.

But fans were almost forced to wait for the highly anticipated series, all because of the Las Vegas shooting and the so-called relatability of the series to American reality. Regardless, Netflix and Marvel decided to stick with the anticipated release date. And whether that was the right or wrong decision, comics are considered entertainment, and executives recognized that and ultimately decided to let their audience be entertained. 

One thing’s for sure — fans approved. But who wouldn’t? Netflix’s rendition of “The Punisher” delivers exactly what it was expected to. 

Although it’s not for the eyes of children — much like “Deadpool” — the violent vigilante has pushed boundaries in the comic book world for years, and now in its new rendition, Netflix is portraying that exact same idea, which we can all appreciate. The rollercoaster ride of heart-filled emotion and bloody battles is what “The Punisher” is all about, which is why I believe this is a must-watch series. 

Viewers of the comic rejoice with the absolute victory Netflix handed over in this version of “The Punisher.”

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