AMP Entertainment presents first ‘Music Heals’ charity event

Photo courtesy of AMP Entertainment

Story by Jeffrey Jenkins / Contributing Writer 

There’s few things in this world that brings people together the way music does. The melodies, harmonies, and lyrics within music present the opportunity for people to engage in levels of emotion and comradery that is hard to achieve anywhere else. This sensation was so eloquently presented at the recent “Music Heals” event hosted by AMP Entertainment, benefitting the MTSU food pantry for students in need.

 The night featured performances from MTSU artists Ashley Brooks, JP Burr, and the duo of Daniel Nunnelee & Austin Sawyer. Together they performed a varying blend of R&B, Americana, and Folk music to an intimate crowd of spirited music enthusiasts.

“It feels good to be able to help those in need. I know that with the stress of college, if I had to worry about my next meal that would make things a million times worse,” says JP Burr.

“Music Heals” was an idea developed by AMP Entertainments Director of Social Media & Community Outreach, LB Rogers. Her desire to give back to the community was fueled by the knowledge of fellow peers sleeping in their cars and going hungry on top of trying to graduate with a college degree. “Music Heals” is the product of this desire to help, and the culmination of the care exemplified within the entire AMP Entertainment team.

“We plan on creating new and inventive ways to continue reaching out to our MT community. We can’t say for sure there will be another Music Heals concert next semester, but there will always be some version of it as we continue striving to be an organization that celebrates, love, compassion, and happiness with music at the center of that,” says Siara Strickland, creative director for AMP Entertainment.

“Music Heals” certainly exemplified love, compassion, and happiness, and it is with these ideals that ensure that no struggling MTSU student goes through this trying journey of college without the support from their peers that they need.

You can watch the entire “Music Heals” concert here-

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