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Sidelines Guidelines: 5 things to do on a snow day


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Photo by Sarah Grace Taylor / Sidelines Archives

Face it: Many students aren’t ready to return to classes following a long, cozy winter break. Most students are wishing they were still at home with family or with their all mountain wide skis up the side of a mountain or pretty much anywhere but college. Well thanks to the sky spitting fluffy flakes of snow, the break hasn’t ended just yet. Sure, it may just be one day out of classes, but MTSU students will take a day off wherever they can get one. The real question, though, is what will you do with your snow day?

You can do the obvious and delve into the winter wonderland outside, but there are plenty of other ways to spend your free day. If you’re just not sure how to spend the down time, here is a solid list of suggestions, including everything from taking it easy while soaking up suds in a tub to breaking out the heavy duty blanket scarves and braving the snow outside.

TV/movie day

Spend the snow day relaxing and binging Netflix shows and movies. (Tayhlor Stephenson / Sidelines Archives)

What better way to spend a snow day than by snuggling up in a warm blanket and binging your favorite shows and movies? Especially with Hollywood’s award season already underway, now is the perfect time to watch the nominated shows and movies. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are just a few streaming services that offer a seemingly endless supply of content and guaranteed snow day happiness. If you have some younger children as well, they might want to watch some TV programmes on their day off too. Some people find that their children prefer to watch and listen to different youtube songs if they have to stay indoors on a snow day. Younger children can be more difficult to occupy, but finding some content to put on the TV will most likely keep them entertained for a while!

Home spa day

Take time this snow day to pamper yourself. Why not turn your home spa up another level, and look at the best infrared sauna for 2020. They have a multitude of benefits including detoxification and helping to soothe sore muscles.(Flickr)

With the holidays behind you and the new semester rapidly approaching, the winter air only grows colder. Well, why not spend the snow day taking care of you? You can prepare an at-home facial or take a relaxing bath. Make the motto of your snow day relaxation, and pamper yourself!


Rather than freeze, stay cozy indoors and treat your sweet tooth by baking goodies. (Flickr)

It’s cold and icy out, and the perfect way to warm your soul is to channel your inner Betty Crocker and bake some sweet treats. Regardless of what you’re craving — or maybe you’re just working with what’s conveniently available in the pantry — throw those ingredients together and pop your delicious creation in the oven. When it’s ready, grab some coffee or maybe some hot chocolate and chow down.

Outdoor fun

Sophomore Michael Wigdor and freshman Hunter Arrowood have a snowball fight on Walnut Grove during the snow day on Friday, January 22, 2016. (Sarah Grace Taylor / Sidelines Archives)

If you don’t want to spend the day indoors, grab your warm clothes and head out. You could go sledding, dominate in a snowball fight or even ice skate. These are just a few fun wintertime activities, but you can enjoy the snow without going all out. Consider strolling the icy street and snowy scene on a walk with some friends. If you have a dog, share the experience with him/her, too, by letting them tag along. If you’re looking for some more action-packed outside fun, then there are some great prices here on airsoft pistols that you may want to check out.

Play catch up

Catch up on school, work or sleep on this free day. (Flickr)

Snow days are also a great time to catch up on anything you’ve fallen behind on. Whether it’s work or even lack of sleep that’s causing you stress, today is the perfect day to get back on track. So, take today and get your life together; it’s that simple.

Whether you choose to head outside or stay close to the indoor fireplace, don’t spend the day alone. Invite friends and family so they can join you in your snow day activities. After all, the more the merrier, right? No matter which direction you’ve chosen for this snow day, just have fun and be safe, especially out on the roads.

Happy snow day!

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