8 of Super Bowl LII’s best, worst commercials

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While many football fans were busy biting their nails, screaming at the TV and rooting for their favorite team, there were plenty of others paying more attention to the highly anticipated commercials of the 2018 Super Bowl. However, this year was full of letdowns. Sure, some of the advertisements grabbed our attention because of how weird, funny and creative they were, but others left us scratching our heads. Below are eight of the best and worst Super Bowl LII commercials.

The Best


Tide had a running joke throughout the Super Bowl where ads appeared to be about other companies but were actually about Tide. Confused viewers watched until they saw “Stranger Things” actor David Harbour appear and then finally got the joke. Tide also brought back a spoof of the iconic Old Spice commercials, complete with spokesman Isaiah Amir Mustafa on his familiar white horse. Watch these ads and see if you can guess where else Harbour will pop up.


Pepsi took the audience down memory lane with old can designs and past spokespersons. Cameos from Cindy Crawford, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and even the DeLorean time machine from “Back to the Future” showed how far the brand has come. Pepsi knocked this commercial out of the park with its nostalgic vibe; however, viewers should be wary because it may make you feel super old. 

“Avengers: Infinity War”

Marvel shocked fans with a new full-length trailer for the final installment of the “Avengers” franchise. “Avenger: Infinity War” previewed with all of your favorite superheroes fighting together one last time, which was equally as exciting as it was scary for true fans, because now they’re all wondering who will survive? If you weren’t already a Marvel fan, you will be after watching this.

Touchdown Dances

The NFL brought in Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. for a funny take on a team preparing touchdown dances for the new season. Inspired by the iconic scene from “Dirty Dancing,” Manning and Beckham pull off the famous lift. One Twitter user went so far as to say, “Eli Manning just stole another #SuperBowl with that commercial.”

The Worst


Usually anything involving Bill Hader is a guaranteed laugh, and yet this commercial managed to completely miss people’s funny bones. The commercial focused on Hader and two other men stacking Pringles on top of each other to make a variety pizza. They used the word “wow” a lot, leaving Owen Wilson fans with one small suggestion. One Youtube comment said, “Ok, huge missed opportunity not having Owen Wilson in this commercial.”

“The Voice”

Hopefully “The Voice” was aiming for a super cheesy Super Bowl ad, because that’s what they delivered. The ad was boring and awkward. From Adam Levine singing in a southern accent with that awful mustache to Carson Daly holding a baby calf, it was all cringe-worthy. However, Kelly Clarkson looked and sounded amazing, which was one redeeming factor. 


T-Mobile took on a serious tone and tried to make a statement about equal pay and diversity issues. Though that’s an important topic, the commercial fell flat. It simply featured a soft voice narrating as the camera panned over babies, about how they’ll get equal pay and are still equal despite their differences. There wasn’t a heartfelt speech, inspiring images or even cinematic music playing to maintain viewers’ attention. The adorable babies were a small victory, though.


Turbotax decided to creep out their customers this year instead of going for the funny bone. The “demogorgon” look-a-like talking to the camera from beneath a woman’s bed was so creepy that you may have had too look away. It wouldn’t have been so scary if the creature hadn’t crawled out from under the bed and then slid back under when the unsuspecting woman turns in for the night. Look out lady!

Although there weren’t many standout commercials this year, there were some that at least caused a few chuckles here and there. Let’s hope companies have taken notes and are figuring out how to step up their game before next year, because this round was subpar.

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