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Photos: Alpha Chi Omega spotlights domestic violence awareness with puppy photo booth


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Photos and story by Jessica Knoble / Contributing Writer

Not all relationships are healthy, and Alpha Chi Omega is dedicated to raising awareness of this issue, whether it’s conveying information through positive interaction or sparking attention with sweet puppies.

As a part of Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy, which is domestic violence awareness, the sorority hosted a “healthy relationships” week in and outside the Student Union Building. Included in this promotion was a puppy photo booth, where students could donate $1 toward preventing domestic violence for a photo opportunity with puppies. If you’re looking to run a similar campaign, you may want to take a look into a photo booth rental lake tahoe to ensure you have an awesome stand. Just like this puppy inspired one.

“We’re doing the puppy photo booth to raise money for the domestic violence shelter of Rutherford county,” said Vice President of Philanthropy Parisa Shahosseini. “It costs them $700 to run every single day, so even if we can help out a little bit … we really want to be more involved with the shelter.”

Along with the puppy photo booth, the Student Union will host a table sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega all week, providing flyers on domestic violence, as well as sources to contact for help.

Member of Alpha Chi Omega Brianna Roberson was there to help with the puppy-driven event.

“Parisa came up with the idea to do all this, and we all backed her up,” Roberson said. “This is a really good way of getting people to come over here, and then we get to tell them what it’s actually for.”

Ragan Collier, a freshman majoring in psychology, enjoyed seeing a sorority raising this type of awareness for such an important societal issue.

“It’s nice to see women helping other women,” Collier said. “They gave me a lot more information than I thought I would’ve learned.”

“I want everyone on campus to know that we’re a resource for people,” Shahosseini said. “For those maybe going through it, or they know somebody going through it, we have the resources to give to other people. If anyone needs anything, we’re there for them.”

See a full gallery from the puppy photo booth below.

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