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Daisyhead disbands after five years with emotional ‘Farewell for Now’ show alongside other acts


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Photo and Story by Mamie Lomax / Contributing Writer

Cafe Coco in Nashville was full of familiar faces Friday night as Bogues, Daisyhead, Safe Bet, Pale Lungs and The Still, Small Voice came together to put on a “hello-goodbye” show.

Nashville band Pale Lungs opened up the show by setting somewhat soft vibes throughout the crowd. They played “Sanctuaries” and “Roam” among other songs.

Following Pale Lungs, The Still, Small Voice played a short, but powerful set. The five-piece played mostly from their 2017 EP, “Manage.”

Safe Bet, an acoustic artist from northern Wisconsin, played an emotional set with his voice overpowering everything in the room.

Daisyhead, a Nashville rock band and the headliner for the “Farewell for Now” portion of the tour, performed an inspiring collection of songs during their time onstage. Their setlist was focused around an array of music from their years as a band, featuring songs that ranged from their earliest EP to the latest and bringing tears to the eyes of several concert-goers with their fan-favorites, “The Smallest Light” and “Bodies.”

“This is my last time doing this for a while. Everybody else on this stage, this is their last time doing this ever, and I had a lot of high notes with this band, a lot of trials, a lot of bullshit, but the people on this stage saved my f—king life man,” frontman Michael Roe told the crowd. He and the rest of the band expressed their gratitude and happiness to the crowd throughout their set, creating an aura of melancholy closeness.

Nashville artist Bogues played a beautiful acoustic set, featuring music from his newly released EP, “Life, Slowly,” which dropped Friday morning. He expressed his disbelief that “so many” people were in attendance, specifically the number of people that stayed to see him as the last act on the bill. He played a short set, however, which left the crowd wanting more.

The mood of the show changed throughout, rising from sadness over Daisyhead concluding their strong, five-year career, to a high note of excitement over Bogues’ release of his first EP.

Although each set was relatively short, the bands that played evoked emotion from the already intimate crowd. The venue was small, therefore all in attendance felt close nonetheless. Familiar faces were everywhere, and it seemed as if all the fans that came out recognized one another within the venue, each bringing their own emotional connection to the bands that played.

Overall, the night at Cafe Coco was magical, and one can only imagine how important and meaningful the night was to the artists, specifically Daisyhead and Bogues. It was a beginning-of-the-end type night, yet it provided a great opportunity for local music and a close-knit community of fans.

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