Musician Ruby Boots brings Australian roots to Nashville with sophomore album ‘Don’t Talk About It’

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Born and bred in Perth, Australia, Bex Chilcott came to Nashville during her first trip to the United States and fell in love.

Chilcott, who goes by the stage name Ruby Boots, continued to return for frequent visits until officially moving to Nashville in 2012 to pursue a career as a musician. She loved that the city’s energy and community of artists reminded her of her hometown back in Australia.

“I can go out any night of the week and watch incredible bands, and I just feel very lucky,” Chilcott said.

She independently released her first album, “Solitude,” before signing with Bloodshot Records. Fast forward to February 2018, and Chilcott has released her sophomore album, “Don’t Talk About It,” in which country meets alternative.

For Chilcott, “Don’t Talk About It” is an album of growth. Throughout the ten songs, Chilcott reflects on past life experiences in order to move forward on the journey in front of her. The songs on “Don’t Talk About It” tell the stories of two different approaches to life, one being defiance and the other vulnerability.

“I feel there’s an essence of resilience and defiance in all of the songs, … but then there’s this balance between understanding that,” Chilcott said. “We don’t all have to be thick-skinned and tough and power through things with that approach all the time.”

In the album’s closer, “Don’t Give a Damn,” the redhead insists, “I don’t give a damn / Where you’re at or who you’re with / Who you’re loving or who you kiss / And even less if you’re missing me right now.”

The stripped-back and bare “I Am a Woman” strikes a particular chord, finding relevance in today’s climate of #MeToo as Chilcott compares herself to mountains and rivers.

“The elements of fragility and vulnerability, which I found so hard to accept as an approach (to life), it’s just as relevant and can be just as strong and take just as much courage,” Chilcott said.

One of the most personal songs on the album for Chilcott is “Easy Way Out,” a song in which the character has “a heart wild as the Texas winds” while she dances “all night long in a Tennessee hall / Hiding from the Memphis rains.”

“You can’t keep turning your back on love, not necessarily romantic love every time, but however love presents itself. … Eventually, you have to let it in,” Chilcott said of the song.

Its chorus serves as a cautious reminder: “It’s the easy way out / Running over the same old ground / If you keep turning it down / Sometimes love don’t come back around.”

On Friday, Chilcott kicks off a summer of touring in the U.S. with a show in Nashville, her home away from home.

“This is my first actual (album) release in America, and I’m looking forward to connecting with new fans,” Chilcott said. “That’s the most exciting time. It’s as simple as that, to be able to play the record live and connect.”

Ruby Boots is playing at The Basement in Nashville on May 18 where she will be joined by Little Bandit and Stephie James.

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