‘The PainterPuff Girls’ exhibits creative senior projects at Todd Hall Art Gallery

Photo and Story by Darion Nicholson / Contributing Writer

MTSU unveiled “The PainterPuff Girls” exhibition at the Todd Hall Art Gallery on Wednesday.

The PainterPuff Girls, also known as Josie Smoot, Sarah Rodriguez and Brianna McDaniel presented their big projects of the school year on Saturday, as part of their senior project before their graduation in May.

“The simple things are a lot of work,” Rodriguez stated during her presentation. “I think it’s worth it though.”

Rick Rishaw, the gallery preparator, has been the preparator for the MTSU gallery for over 20 years. He feels it’s more than just designs put on display but how they are put on display.

“I will usually try to find some kind of rhythm, order or harmony to make the artwork relate,” Rishaw said, describing his method behind installing the pieces. “I feel its another work of art.”

“People should look closely at the designs of the artwork if they visit; they might be more interest in the design than the actual art,” Rishaw chuckled.

The gallery has hosted many events throughout the school year. The PainterPuff Girls artwork will be on display until April 12.

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