Murfreesboro resident Jordan McCullough talks about appearance on NBC’s show The Voice

Story by Emily Heim

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20-year-old Jordan McCullough from Murfreesboro, Tennessee appeared on the fourth episode of The Voice’s 17th season on October 1, 2019For the first time in his singing career, McCullough had the opportunity to sing in front of some of the biggest legends in music industry today – Blake Shelton, John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson.

The Voice is a singing competition where aspiring vocal artists from all over the nation come to be discovered and are voted purely by the sound of their voice. The show is known for its Award-Winning Emmy singers that become contestants’ coaches and mentors. These contestants’ biggest dream is to receive a “chair turn” from one of the judges and a shot at being the next big Voice.

McCullough performed “Let Me Love You” by Mario for his blind audition in front of the judges.

McCullough unfortunately didn’t get a “chair turn” from the judges, but that didn’t discourage him. 

“It didn’t devastate me. It didn’t disappoint me. Because the experience was so good. The people that I met. The knowledge that I got from it. It was just amazing, and I don’t think that I could trade a chair turn for that experience.”

McCullough has enjoyed singing his entire life. As soon as he was born, he was quickly introduced to music.

“My grandparents, my aunt, my dad, my uncle (introduced me to music). Actually, my great uncle is the one who introduced it to me first… his birthday would have been tomorrow. He taught me everything I know about music,” said McCullough. “He taught me how to sing my first song in the choir, he actually got me in the choir when I was four years old– so I mean I have been singing my entire life, pretty much.”

McCullough’s mom, Denise, says she can remember the first time she heard Jordan singing in the church. “It was in that moment that I knew he was talented.”

NBC producers reached out to McCullough last November after seeing him sing on several social media outlets, one of which was the “Terrel Show” on YouTube where his voice sparked interest. 

 “Once a couple of videos started going around, I had videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere. People were reposting and sharing them, things like that and then one day the producers reached out to me,” said McCullough.

In February of 2019, McCullough was on his way to his blind audition. His mom had mixed emotions. “I was so overjoyed, as I was living out his dream with him. At the time my mother intuition kicked in and I had to let him go and experience this all by himself, where it was always me and him for so long because I raised him all alone.” 

Although this adventure was brought to an end, McCullough says if he ever got the opportunity again, he would definitely return for an audition. 

“The experience alone was amazing. The people that I met. The friends that I have met, I can actually call them friends because I met them at the show. They taught me so much about myself that I would love to go back. If I could go back every month at least one time just to be around those people, be in the industry. That’s what I want to do with my life. Being on universal set. Working with NBC. It was a dream come true.”

You can keep up with season 17 on NBC every Monday and Tuesday at 7/8c.

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