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Taylor Swift finds her political voice in new documentary “Miss Americana”


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Photo Courtesy of LA Times

Story by Delaney Johnson/Contributing Writer

Taylor Swift’s new documentary “Miss Americana” released on Netflix this week and social media is raving with good reviews. In the documentary, Swift gets intimate about her political views and reveals her traumatic experiences with sexual assault and an eating disorder.

“Throughout my whole career, label executives would just say, ‘A nice girl doesn’t force their opinions on people,’” said Swift when referring to her previous political silence. Swift faced negative criticism in the past when she kept her views quiet from the media. In 2016, she received backlash when she did not endorse a presidential candidate.

The documentary, directed by Spirit Award Nominee Lana Wilson, featured Swift getting raw about her emotions toward President Trump and TN Senator Marsha Blackburn. Swift referred to Blackburn as “Trump in a wig” and criticized her on Instagram, citing Blackburn’s vote against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which tries to protect women from stalking, date rape and domestic violence.

The singer was inspired to make a post on social media and break her political silence after her sexual assault case in August of 2017 against ex-radio host David Mueller. Swift stated that Mueller groped her while taking a photo together at a meet-and-greet. Jurors found Mueller guilty and Swift, per her request, was awarded only $1 in damages. Swift stated she “couldn’t stop thinking about it,” adding “I just thought to myself, ‘Next time there is any opportunity to change anything, you better know what you stand for and what you want to say.”

Members of the singer’s team were hesitant about Swift’s decision to make a statement online. However, Swift was passionate about the issue and went forward with her decision, endorsing the 48th Governor of Tennessee and former Democratic nominee Phil Bredesen.

In the documentary, the singer told her team, “I can’t see another commercial and see her disguising these policies behind the words ‘Tennessee Christian values.’ Those aren’t Tennessee Christian Values,” she said. “I live in Tennessee. I am a Christian. That’s not what we stand for.”

Swift also explained raw details of her struggle with an eating disorder. She revealed comments about her body and seeing photos of herself everyday where she thought she looked unflattering triggered her to “just stop eating.” Swift opened up about her experience, stating, “It’s only happened a few times, and I’m not in any way proud of it. A picture of me where I feel like I looked like my tummy was too big or… someone said that I looked pregnant… and that’ll just trigger me to just starve a little bit.”

“[Swift] revealed comments about her body and seeing photos of herself everyday where she thought she looked unflattering triggered her to “just stop eating.'”

As a celebrity with a huge following, Swift describe the media as looking at her “with a microscope” and talked about wanting the “ideal body.” Swift, now embracing her body, states she would rather look the way she does than “look sick.” The documentary featured footage from the “1989” World Tour and the award season that followed, noting her slim appearance.

Fans on social media have since sent an outpouring of love to Swift, complimenting her honesty and openness.


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