Dayglow Lights up the Stage in Nashville

Story by Maddy Williams | Contributing Writer

Dayglow, an indie/alternative band, performed at Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville. The general admission concert was completely sold out, so fans crowded on the floor circling the stage.

Brooklyn Bowl took many COVID-19 precautions. Each person who attended the concert had to be fully vaccinated or have a negative covid test from the past 72 hours. Masks were optional but encouraged.

Hovvdy performing on Oct. 6, 2021

Hovvdy, another alternative/indie band, opened for Dayglow. This band was not quite as well known, but they kept fans engaged and interested. They even signed records and merch after the concert, so fans were able to meet them and talk with them. Their newest album, “True Love,” is available to purchase or stream. 

Dayglow’s show was extremely upbeat and energizing. The stage had different lights and backdrops that lit up throughout the show. Sloan Struble, the lead singer of Dayglow danced across the stage, and got the crowd involved as well. The entire floor was jumping and dancing throughout the night.  

Struble expressed his love for Nashville and its similarities to his hometown of Austin, Texas. He even wore a cowboy hat for one of his performances, which made the crowd go wild. 

Struble and his guitarist often jammed out onstage, and Struble had guitar solos as well. His energy throughout the night was contagious. In his encore, he covered the song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and connected it to his song “Run the World!!!”. 

The tour was based upon his album “Harmony House,” but he also played songs from his debut album “Fuzzybrain.” His songs provide comfort and joy to listeners through his musical talent and lyricism.  

“Harmony House” was written to help people in their late teens and twenties adapt to the many changes that come during this transitional period of life. His music connects listeners, and his fanbase is unified because of it. 

Both of Dayglow’s albums are available to stream and purchase, and he is still on tour. Some shows still have tickets available, but many are sold out. 

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