Cling Magazine Hosts Prom in Murfreesboro

Story by Bren Jackson | Contributing Writer

Photos by Jonathan Salazar | Sidelines Photographer

A Murfreesboro-based creative magazine and clothing line gave the community a chance to relive their high school memories at Cling Prom.

The event took place on Oct. 15 at Ridenour Rehearsal Studios. Live music was performed by Nashville-based band Venus and the Flytraps, including several unreleased originals and covers of “Cut Your Bangs” by Radiator Hospital and “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift.

“It was a great first show for us, the crowd was amazing and thanks to Cling for letting us be a part of the whole thing,” said Cici, a member of Venus and the Flytraps.

Maddie Kerr, a member of the band Mercury, played bass for Venus at the event. She remarked that “It was such a fun event and everyone there was so sweet. The whole experience was so lovely!”

Middle Tennessee State University student, Cling cofounder and creative director Mak Fraser gave more insight into the idea behind the prom.

“Our vision was the ’10 Things I Hate About You prom,” and the band members said that it was their favorite movie!” Fraser said, “I don’t think it could have been a better fit.”

Turnout exceeded expectations. Nearly 100 people attended. Cling cofounder and photographer Mollee McIndoo commented that, “Ridenour said that this was one of the biggest events they’ve ever had and that’s also crazy to me, I’m just super proud of us and super grateful to everyone who came and everyone who supports us in every aspect of this.”

Cling Magazine hosted this event in anticipation of the release their second magazine issue. The publication covers all forms of art, highlighting the Cling clothing line. T-shirts, posters and other merchandise were available for purchase at the venue. 

McIndoo added that “everyone throughout the night kept telling me how much fun they were having, and that really means so much to me because a big reason we do the magazine is to bring people together.”

Tennessee is split up into so many different genres of music and art that we just wanted a place for everyone to come together and enjoy all types of different media. And it’s the same thing with the clothing brand. Every time we do a new drop or a new photoshoot, we like to reach out to new people. We want Cling to be something for everyone.

Cling cofounder Mollee McIndoo

Prom attendees were encouraged to cast votes for prom royalty as they arrived. Following the performance by Venus and the Flytraps, winners were announced, crowned and invited to join one another on the dance floor.

This theme was met with very positive feedback. Many attendees seemed to agree that the event was more enjoyable than their high school proms.

MTSU student and Cling Prom royalty Taylor Sewell noted, “It didn’t feel like a school dance. It was almost more of a concert or just a social event.”  

Fraser elaborated, saying “My prom sucked, and I wanted a good prom. That was way better. They actually played music you could dance to.”

The event was a total success, showcasing the talent and ambition of MTSU students and the Murfreesboro community alike.

“It was a collective effort that still amazes me, it’s hard to kickstart a dream when you’re so inexperienced, but Cling Prom is proof that this is starting to really go somewhere and that young artists will always come together to support each other,” said Cling writer Cassie Sistoso, summarizing the event and turnout.

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