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Student Music: Celtic Tunes at a Coffee Cafe


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Story and Photos by Matthew Giffin | Contributing Writer

A musical duo of Middle Tennessee State University students rocked the house at Just Love Coffee Cafe on MTCS Road yesterday afternoon with some familiar Celtic tunes played on fiddle and guitar in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day.

Livi Goodgame, a junior English student from Nashville, played melody on violin and provided vocals throughout the performance to traditional tunes like “Belle of Belfast City” as well as some crowd favorites like “Wellerman” and “Touch the Sky” from Disney’s “Brave.” Nathan Posey, a sophomore audio production student out of Fayetteville, Tenn., provided accompaniment on acoustic guitar.

Goodgame said she’s been playing violin for almost 14 years now and even went on tour with her dad, Randall Goodgame, while she was in high school. Mr. Goodgame is an independent singer-songwriter who has shared a stage with contemporary Christian artists like Caedmon’s Call and wrote some songs with Andrew Peterson for “Veggie Tales.”

“I have considered playing professionally many times,” Ms. Goodgame said. “I’m the kind of person who can’t decide on a career path because there are so many things I love to do, but I keep practicing and playing just in case!”

Ms. Goodgame’s experience playing live music showed as she playfully engaged the audience. “For me, playing music is primarily for community,” she said. She also plans to perform live again.

Posey is also a veteran performer, having played in a number of bands and as a solo act for most of his life. He’s primarily a drummer, he said, but he’s also performed as a vocalist, on guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, banjo, keyboard and various percussion instruments. The singer-songwriter says he is currently working on an EP and hopes to make a career out of music. Right now, he works as a media intern and youth worship leader at Northside Baptist Church in Murfreesboro.

Posey breathed new life into some of old Celtic tunes by injecting them with some jazzier chords and rhythms that didn’t intrude on the traditional feel but enhanced the performance.

The two received several compliments from Just Love customers and employees throughout their set and much applause after each song. “You should just come every Thursday!” one employee said after the end of the set. Just Love hosts live musicians every Thursday at 4 p.m.

Goodgame previously performed as a solo act at MTSU’s Rep Your Roots event last year, paying tribute musically to her Irish heritage.

This was the pair’s first performance together as a duo, but Posey and Goodgame have previously performed together in a band for an MTSU campus ministry. 

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