Murfreesboro Market in Cannonsburgh Village Has Something for Everyone

Story and Photo by Savannah Williams | Contributing Writer

The Murfreesboro community comes together every Friday evening to shop among local vendors and food trucks, while appreciating live music in the warm summer air at the Friday Night Market in the Boro. 

From April 1 to October 7, Murfreesboro Markets and Events hosts this market at the historic Cannonsburgh Village. 

As Murfreesboro locals mill around the market, browsing handmade items, listening to music and chatting with friends, the sky begins to darken, and a nice breeze coats the village.

The market is just as fun for vendors as it is for the customers.

“We’re here every Friday, and we love the environment,” said Carla Thompson of AAC Designs.

Angie Wilson and Kim Rhodes of Twisted Sisters Creations started their business together and love offering their handmade items to the public. 

“The market is very laid back and there is such a diverse array of people and merchandise,” Rhodes said.

Like AAC Designs and Twisted Sisters Creations, the majority of vendors and food trucks at the market are local, family-owned businesses.

Food truck vendor Heather Jones of Drip Chicken said her chicken is special due to the way it’s battered and fried. 

“We’re a family-run business, we’re here almost every Friday, and it’s definitely something we look forward to,” Jones said.

As the night winds down, vendors begin packing up shops and customers start to wander back to their cars, glancing around for any last-minute purchases. 

Stacey Douglas, 21, said it was her first time attending the Friday Night Market in the Boro.

“I didn’t even know this was a thing,” Douglas said. “I’m glad I came. There’s so many options of food and handcrafted items. There’s something for everyone.”

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