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Nedge Takes the Netherlands


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Story by Addison Conley | Contributing Writer and Sydney Schettler | Contributing Writer

Legendary Nedge, a rapper and singer/songwriter on the Middle Tennessee State University Match Records label, is performing Oct. 7 – 9 at the New Skool Rules conference and festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.   

Nick Edgerson, the recording industry student from Griffin, Georgia, behind the “Nedge” show name, was one of 102 other artists from various countries to be chosen for the event. He is only one of 12 artists from the United States chosen to take the stage. The performer said he was honored to be added to the lineup, but he acknowledged that the “pressure’s on.”  

“As an artist, sometimes we’re moving so fast on a creative side and a business side that it’s hard to sit back and appreciate the moment,”  he said.  

Legendary Nedge performs for a crowd. The MTSU student was one 12 Americans chosen to perform at a global music festival in the Netherlands. – Photo courtesy of Nick Edgerson

Legend, as he is often called, first started creating music when he was 13, writing songs for his mother’s dance studio in Georgia. Legend has a background in dancing, but he said that “performing on stage as a dancer is totally different than performing onstage as an artist. Just doing dance moves and choreography, it’s easy to hide behind the music, but when you’re performing your music live it adds a different element.”  

The first works he created were in the form of poetry, which eventually evolved into music, later turning into rap and singing. Legend’s music is emotive and aims to tell a story. “Having the power to do that in a creative way made me want to be an artist,” he said. 

Legend said the opportunity to perform in the Netherlands is the result of his hard work.  

 “No sleep, a lot of practice, a lot of prayer and a lot of preparation,”  he said.  

Now in his sixth year of working in the music industry, Legend has experience not only as an artist but also as a production assistant, working behind the scenes on music videos, films, and commercials. While some view production as separate from the music industry he sees it as the same and enjoys being hands-on in all aspects. Legend has new music videos in the works for his two upcoming singles and is excited about the possibility of filming another video while he is overseas. During his time abroad he’s also visiting Paris and London.  

The young performer said he hopes to one day start his own record label or publishing company. “I just want to give other artists the same opportunities that I got, and some of the opportunities I didn’t have,” he said. He hopes to help other artists navigate the music industry and avoid complications.  

He offered this advice to anyone interested in a career: “The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next, so keep climbing.”  

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