Tuesday, October 3, 2023

SGA Recap, Feb. 2


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Featured Photo by Gus Wright

Story by Gus Wright

On Thursday, MTSU’s Student Government held its 2nd committee meeting of 2023, with old and new senators discussing new legislation. 

The meeting came to order with the TrueBlue pledge, roll call and an immediate shift to student government legislation review, going over what did, didn’t and somewhat did work with legislation passed in 2022. This discussion was led by SGA President Jada Powell, who started by forgoing the reading of the minutes, welcoming new senators and introducing legislation review. 

The review included teaching/reminding new senators how to properly introduce, write and propose new legislation, as well as remind people of the difference between legislation and resolutions. Whenever discussing the points of drafting new resolutions and legislations, redundancy was brought up, with it being key that legislation isn’t repeated. This also included a review of what bills passed, what didn’t pass, and what bills/resolutions are currently tentative. 

On the agenda for Thursday, a bill regarding fixing the language in the SGA Constitution to use neutral pronouns (Tentative Resolution 1-22-F), updating lines of succession within the SGA executive branch (SGA Bill 7-22-f) and removing the graduate hour requirement from SGA bylaws (Bill 3-22-F). 

Senators Delquan Dorsey Jr., Lily Bethwoods and Logan J. Mcvey were sworn in.

After the swearing in ceremony, Mcvey introduced a new piece of legislation that would award a white parking pass to “the Senator of the Semester” each fall. There was a noticeable amount of resistance to the bill from other senators. Senator Alex Laudeman said, “I have concerns for a normal student as it doesn’t seem to paint us in the best light.”

Senator Mcvey said, “We need to award those who contribute the most in Student Government.”

After discussion, voting occurred, and bill A22-F passed.

Riley Jacoby was voted and sworn in as Speaker Pro-Temp.

Gus Wright is the SGA reporter for MTSU Sidelines.

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