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His Place, her Place, who’s Place? sav. releases “His Place” music video this Valentine’s Day


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Featured photo by Cadee Havard

Story by Cadee Havard

Savannah Spann, known by her artist name sav., released “His Place” on Feb. 2. “His Place” is a sentimental and empowering song about moving on from a relationship.

“It’s about getting out of a really bad relationship, finding yourself and getting to a place where you’re ready to fall in love again.”

The song’s meaning transitioned during the year and a half between its origin and its release; Originally, she sang of a fictional, idealistic romance taking “his place.” She said, “The ‘you’ I sing about was not even about a specific person when I wrote the song.”

As she began working with Claire Oden and Maddi Wright, fellow Middle Tennessee State University students studying film and media, sav. began to lean farther into her queer identity.

Lily Hart and Josie James join sav. for a cover of Boygenuis’s “Not Strong Enough.” (Photo by Cadee Havard).

“The music video really dives into my bisexuality, and I’m excited to release a piece of art that represents that part of me.”

In the music video scheduled to release on Valentine’s Day, his place was filled by a her, played by Elizabeth Spencer. 

She originally wrote “His Place” during her freshman fall at MTSU. She explained that this is “one of those songs that I genuinely sat down and wrote in one sitting.”

Now a sophomore, she released the song earlier this month and celebrated live at Diana St. the following day. This was Diana St.’s first ever “Girl’s night,” which sav. helped organize with Lily Hart, Ana Grosh and Josie James. This show was special to sav. because she is passionate about uplifting female musicians, but it was extra special because she got to share the night with her friends, including Ana Grosh, who is also her producer and an Audio Production major at MTSU.  

The process for recording “His Place” was longer than intended. When she originally recorded everything with Ana Grosh late September of 2023, neither she nor her band members were happy with it. She said that she’s lucky to have her friends as band members who were willing to give her honest feedback on what they thought. So in late October, they scrapped the project and started over, re-recording everything. After Grosh was finished with the project, it was sent to Kyle Duncan for mixing and mastering. 

She might have started off as a singer-songwriter, but sav. really loves playing with her band, the ages. They include Ethan Intveld on guitar, Colman Connolly on keys, Wit Miller on bass and Nick Boardman on drums. Her band is often featured in her recorded music, and she hopes to play more shows with them in the future. 

At 4:00 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14 her music video dropped

She posts releases and shows on her Instagram 

His Place” is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

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