MTSU’s College of Mass Communication renamed College of Media and Entertainment

In an effort to modernize the college, what was formerly MTSU’s College of Mass Communication is now the College of Media and Entertainment.

This change, effective August 2015, was “long over due” according to Media and Entertainment dean, Ken Paulson, who believes the rebranding will better represent the college.

“Mass Communications isn’t what we are anymore,” Paulson said. “The ‘mass communications’ name suggested a bygone era instead of a contemporary college that embraces emerging media.”

In an article recently written for The Tennessean, Paulson wrote, “The media world isn’t driven by mass communication anymore; it’s now all about targeted audiences, tailored content and strategic audience-building.”

After deciding to do-away with the old name, Paulson and a board of other leaders in media at MTSU spent months testing the name change in focus groups of current students and high schoolers who will soon be looking for colleges.

“An 18-year-old deciding what to do in college is going to be far more drawn to Media and Entertainment, a name that better depicts all of the things we do,” Paulson said. “We are a remarkable college with a strong staff that provides a well-rounded and modern media education, so we have to have a name that a college like that deserves.”

Along with the name change, the college is offering a new, multimedia-oriented journalism catalog and the John Bragg Mass Communication building will soon be the Bragg Media and Entertainment building.  To welcome back students and celebrate the new name, the Media and Entertainment college will be offering free popcorn, ice cream and soft drinks from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Wednesday. Everyone who shows up to celebrate the name change will receive a College of Media and Entertainment T-shirt.

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