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The 1975
The 1975 (MTSU Sidelines / The Windish Agency)

The 1975 unveiled their newest song “The Sound,” a prelude to the group’s upcoming album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It slated to release Feb. 26.

“The Sound” offers an upbeat, pop-filled tune, which carries some minor resemblances to tracks on their previous self-entitled album, such as “Girls.”

Previously, the group released two singles that will be found on their sophomore album, “Love Me” and “Ugh!”

Fans have speculated that the band will be moving towards more of a pop sound, following frontman Matt Healy’s comments on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show. Healy stated, “There’s a lot lacking in pop music these days.” Perhaps a pop-infused sound will be prominent in the band’s new tracks?

Healy went on to further say after announcing their 2016 tour, “Our new record signifies the start of a new world for us.”

The 1975 quickly blew up following the release of their freshman album. Their new album has the potential to make or break their career, but judging by their die-hard fan base, I would anticipate them to become bigger than ever.

Fans can catch The 1975 on tour in the U.S. and in different festivals, such as Coachella and Shaky Knees.

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  1. Avatar
    Victoria S.
    February 4, 2016

    Like most of The 1975 fans I am very excited to hear what their new album will sound like because I think it will definitely have a different feel and sound from their previous album. I have been following the band through the “rebranding” of their look from everything black and white, which gave everything a very brooding and mysterious feel to the change with everything being all light baby pink, which is gives a very different light and whimsical feeling to everything. I loved a recent interview Matt Healy did with MTV News in which he talks a lot about their upcoming album. He spoke about how when they were making the album that they had to make a conscious decision to just make the album that they wanted to make and not care what others were saying or expecting from them. Matt described the album as “a pursuit of the truth and a pursuit of excellence” and he also said that it has a lot of R&B influence taken from the band as a wholes love for 90’s black music from Destiny’s Child to Brian McKnight to D’Angelo.
    The more I learn about the new album from various interviews and articles the more I cant wait to finally get to hear the album on February 26th. I am sure in true The 1975 fashion it will be everything the fans, including myself, have been waiting for and more!

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