10 albums to soundtrack your snow day

(MTSU Sidelines / Cat Murphy)
(MTSU Sidelines / Cat Murphy)

Photo by Cat Murphy // Sidelines Archive

The snow may be melting now, but more snow is projected to fall tonight. While you’re spending this lazy day at home, take the time to listen through a few albums since you finally have the time to give them your full attention. Here’s a list of albums you need to check out today. All are available on Spotify and most other major streaming services. Many are also available on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Hear our playlist of all the albums here.

Promise Everything | Basement

For fans of: The Wonder Years, Balance and Composure, Title Fight
Promise Everything is Basement’s newest album, dropped just a couple of weeks ago. This U.K. hardcore/punk band combines emotional melodies with the passion of D.I.Y. for a really memorable sound. With this album, the group has pulled away from pop punk and moved towards a mature sound while remaining catchy. It’s a little bit angsty, angry, sad and fun. If you want to start a mosh pit with your roommates due to the cabin fever or have an exciting backdrop to your snowy activities, give it a listen. Also, each song is under four minutes, making it a perfect punk album. If you have half an hour to spare, check this out; it will be playing on repeat for the rest of the year before you know it.

Minecraft – Volume Alpha | C418

For fans of: any electronic or ambient music
I know what you’re thinking- the soundtrack to Minecraft? But I assure you, this album isn’t just for video gamers. This album is made to help you concentrate and relax throughout the game; consequently, it works in real life too. If you have some homework to catch up on or deadlines to meet on your snow day, turn this album on and shift your mind into a productive paradise. It’s excellently orchestrated for master focus. It features piano and classic instrumentation with electronic beats and ambient noises- such as crickets chirping and water dripping. These 24 tracks will help you get your work done now so you can make snow angels later.

melanchole | salvia palth

For fans of: Teen Suicide, Elvis Depressedly
As the title suggests, this album is as melancholy as it gets. It’s strange and experimental and it will make you feel a range of emotions you weren’t prepared for. Somehow, the artist makes droning vocals over discordant yet perfectly harmonic guitar and drums into a masterpiece. It’s weird for sure, but don’t give up after the first couple of songs. This work pulls you into depths of sadness for a few minutes before catapulting you into a hypnotic haze of sound. “i was all over her” is a painfully beautiful ballad of human emotion. It will make the snowy landscape seem a little more dreamy. Trust me on this one, it’s just the thing you need to hear on a day like this, even if this type of thing isn’t typically your jam.

Melted | Ty Segall

For fans of: any Ty Segall band (Fuzz, Epsilsons, etc.), Black Lips, Wavves, The Growlers
While you’re waiting for the snow and ice to melt away, listen to Melted. If you know anything about Ty Segall, then you probably already own this album on cassette, vinyl and multiple digital formats. If not, now is the perfect day to get into him since you have so much free time. This is one of my personal favorite artists of all time. This album puts distortion pedals on distortion pedals on distortion pedals; it’s full of deliciously fuzzy guitar and psychedelic riffs. The bridge in “Girlfriend” will have you unable to sit still. Put on song like “My Sunshine” and “Sad Fuzz” and your snow day will get at least ten times more exciting. Segall is a lyrical genius. This album is just the right amount of love-dovey and punk rock. If you like this, check out Ty Rex, Segall’s T Rex cover album, II by Fuzz, a band Segall drums for, and his most recent release from his newest band Ty Segall and The Muggers.

Late Night Tales | Bonobo

For fans of: classical piano, ambient/electronic
This album is just one in the Late Night Tales collection. The series asks artists to curate a playlist for “late nights” and Bonobo’s is by far the best. Bonobo is an electronic artist that makes ambient, refreshing electronic music. It’s nothing close to EDM; it’s more of an experimental soundscape than a musical project. This particular collection of songs ranges through everything- from powerfully sad vocals over haunting piano to orchestral ensembles. For a bonus experience, turn on Planet Earth on mute and play this over it. If you’re feeling sad, lonely, or just need some quiet time and a bubble bath, turn on this album for a late night journey.

F— Your Emotional Bulls— | Snowing

For fans of: American Football, Dads
Okay, so this one is on the list 90 percent of because the name of the band is, well, Snowing. But alas, this album can stand on its own against some punk greats. This 2013 release is only four songs that are all roughly two and a half minutes long, but it’s pretty genius. It’s unapologetically angry and channels the sound of ’90s punk bands. It holds nothing back and features the chaotic instrumentation of punk with stellar breakdowns that make the genre so loved. It slows down at just the right moments for reflective lyrics and speeds back up as soon as the next track starts. It takes less than 15 minutes to listen to, it’s sure to spice up your snow day if you’re stuck inside.

Beach Music | Alex G

For fans of: Car Seat Headrest, Mitski, Iji, Meth Dad
Beach Music by Alex G is an extraordinary album. This Pennsylvania artist has shared his fair share of experimental tunes over the years. Every song sounds like it was made in a bedroom (in a good way), they’re intimate and satisfyingly strange. It’s a shoegaze dream. With just one listen, you’ll feel like Alex G is in your living room with you; it’s transcendent. With a title like Beach Music, you can transport to a tropical headspace and think of sunnier days to get your mind off the inclement weather. Give it a listen and I promise you won’t regret it.

Everything in Transit | Jack’s Mannequin

For fans of: Say Anything, Motion City Soundtrack
This is an essential album for any fan of pop punk. What makes it even sweeter, last year was the tenth anniversary of the album and they just released a remaster. It may be from 2005 but it will still make you feel things today. “Dark Blue” and other tracks hit right at home of your angsty, teen, in-love soul. Silky vocals enhanced by harmonies sit on top of classic pop punk guitar lines. The lyrics are beautiful and poignant. Give it a listen; whatever emotions this snow day is making you experience, this album will make it better.

A Flourish and a Spoil | The Districts

For fans of: Alabama Shakes, Houndmouth, Father John Misty, The Weeks
This album was released last year and has been critically acclaimed by a number of publications. You may have seen them at Live on the Green in the fall or Bonnaroo this past summer. If you like bluesy indie rock, this is right up your alley. This Philly band could pass as Nashvillians, you’ll soon discover with a click of the play button. Some of the lyrics hit so hard they almost hurt. It’s an honest, passionate narrative. The lead singer’s voice is sure to raise goosebumps on your skin by the first track with his raspy tone. The coolest part about the band is that they’re the same age as most MTSU students, with pretty much all of them are under the legal drinking age. A Flourish and a Spoil takes harmonicas and blues chords and takes them to another level.

I Don’t Like S— I Don’t Go Outside | Earl Sweatshirt

For fans of: Odd Future, Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar
This is a perfect hip-hop album, period. As the title implies, it’s a great listen for being stuck inside all day. If you’re bitter about the weather outside, put on this album. The flow is hard-hitting. In comparison to poppier artists such as Drake and his clean and polished sound, this album is gritty and heavy. Earl Sweatshirt is similar to Tyler, the Creator, his counterpart in rap group Odd Future, and Vince Staples. The production style of the album is stellar, the beats are unconventional. It’s an expert follow-up to Doris and sets the standard for new music in the genre with its groundbreaking style.

Check out a full playlist with all of these albums here:

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