Hippo Campus hosts crazed crowd at This Tent

Photo courtesy of Star Tribune 

Story by Brinley Hineman / MTSU Seigenthaler News Service

Indie outfit Hippo Campus kicked off Bonnaroo Thursday night playing on This Tent. Despite playing in one of the smaller venues on the Farm, the Minnesota-based band pulled quite the crowd.

The four-piece kicked off their set with “Sun Veins,” one of the band’s more popular tracks. Fans swarmed the stage when “Little Grace” began to play, making it undeniably one of the crowd’s favorite songs during Hippo Campus’ 11-track set.

The energy in the crowd was crazed; while indie in name, Hippo Campus easily transforms into a jam band when on stage, playing off the crowd’s energy and turning what is historically a tame Thursday night slot into a show filled with a raging, dancing audience.

The band was slated for a 45-minute set, but about 30 minutes in, the band informed the audience that they didn’t realize they still had 15 minutes left in their show. Although unprepared to play longer, it was not obvious to the audience, and Hippo Campus began to really tap into their jam band alter ego.

Ending their concert with “Buttercup” proved to be an excellent way to start off Bonnaroo’s Sweet Sixteen.

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