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Photos: No Baked Cookie Dough opens new storefront in Nashville


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Photos and story by Victoria Leuang / Contributing Writer

No Baked Cookie Dough is the first edible cookie dough shop to open in Nashville, and Belmont-graduate Megan Beaven cut the ribbon Saturday morning.

The grand opening of the shop — which follows the regular pop-up shops Beaven hosted before opening a storefront — introduced customers to several new flavors, including cookies n’ cream, peanut butter, s’mores and brownie batter chip. The best part is No Baked’s Cookie Dough batter is safe to eat raw since it’s eggless and made with heat-treated flour.

The building itself has had an impressive makeover too. Thanks to a fresh coat of paint, cotton candy pink detailing, and some Commercial Window Tinting, the storefront looks enticing, inviting, and on trend.

Businesses should really take note of the way the storefront looks on this building. Making use of things like these Calgary Door Services would be a great help for businesses as well. As a storefront, you should make sure that your store is easily accessible for people and also looks good.

“I wanted to make homemade cookie dough like you’re mixing all the ingredients in a bowl, not buying it straight out of a tub … ingredients that are made for eating,” Beaven said.

Beaven first heard about edible cookie dough on Shark Tank and thought it would be a good trend to bring to Nashville.

“Everybody is into trends,” Beaven said. “People like trying new food … I feel really lucky to live in Nashville and being able to start a trendy company.”

No Baked is sure to be added to the list of “Instagram-worthy” places to visit. And Beaven strives to keep it that way by marketing it as the hottest spot to share with social media.

Jimmy Feeman, Beaven’s fiancé, quit his full-time job in August to join and support Beaven’s dream job. He explains how opening this store front has strengthened their relationship.

“We had a friend of ours, who made our chalkboards, tell us that this was better than any pre-marital counseling you could go to,” Feeman said.

No Baked customer Corey Tucker said he heard about No Baked Cookie Dough through The Food Network.

“I’ve had regular cookie dough before, but not No Baked … they have quite a few flavors that I wasn’t expecting, and it was hard to choose on what to get,” Tucker said.

Natalie Figlio, a Nashville native and customer of No Baked said she eats raw cookie dough and bakes it all the time.

“This is better than actual cookie dough I bake with,” Figlio said. “It’s a different texture and a slightly different taste. I could eat this more than the regular cookie dough without getting sick.”

Beaven truly encompasses the millennial generation in the way that her career doesn’t exactly line up with the path she once chose in her collegiate studies. Feeman’s advice to young couples and entrepreneurs — it’s the best time to fail, because there are no kids to worry about.

No Baked Cookie Dough plans to expand their menu with the introduction of a gluten-free menu next month. After Halloween, customers can look forward to a Christmas-inspired flavor.

For more information about No Baked, click here.

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