‘I’m glad I came’: How the ‘Boro Taco and Tequila Festival’ impacted its community

Photos and story by Kashima Allen / Contributing Writer

What goes best with Tacos? Tequila, of course. And the community embraced that concept Saturday afternoon with the Boro Taco and Tequila Festival. Sponsored by TC Craft, a locally owned tequila company, the event was part of a small tour, which made its Murfreesboro stop at The Grove at Williamson Place

Fun signs are displayed throughout The Grove at Williamson Place at the Boro Taco and Tequila Festival held in Murfreesboro, Tenn. on Saturday, Feb. 24. (Kashima Allen / MTSU Sidelines)

Signs that read, “Taco dirty to me” and other “punny” phrases filled the dimly lit building, creating a fun atmosphere for all to partake in the various activities. Some danced along to live music, while others filled their plates with soft shell tacos. There were also merchandise booths set up, which provided guests an opportunity to purchase a souvenir from the event.

“You don’t hear about many events like this happening here,” said event organizer Matt Lowney. “So really the purpose of this event is to bring something different to Murfreesboro. It’s a great way for people to meet new folks, get out of their house and have some fun.”

In order to have the fun, though, guests were required to pay $20 to receive five tokens, which could be exchanged for tacos, tequila, margaritas and more. Early access was permitted for a $10 up-charge, because who doesn’t want double the fun? For those who ran out of tokens but still wanted to partake in the many festivities available, additional tokens were offered throughout the duration of the event.

Lauren Floyd sells merchandise at the Boro Taco and Tequila Festival in Murfreesboro, Tenn. on Saturday, Feb. 24. (Kashima Allen / MTSU Sidelines)

Event staff member Annie Brandner, who served Tequila shots, said that working events, such as the Boro Taco and Tequila Festival, is not just about the money. It’s about the experience. 

“We get paid to work these types of events, but the money doesn’t amount to how much fun you really have,” Brandner said. “You’re serving people liquor, meeting new smiling faces, making memories. that’s why I wanted to work this festival, not just because we get paid but because we’re making memories and it’s always a good time.”

Though the primary theme of the day was everything tacos and tequila, meeting new people was a close second for many in attendance, including 25-year-old Erica Gaines.

“I saw Boro Tacos and Tequila Festival pop up (on Facebook), and I was very interested to see what it was about and to meet new people,” Gaines said. “I’m glad I came.”

If you missed the Boro Taco and Tequila Festival, the fun-filled event plans to make various local stops throughout the next few months, including one in Gallatin, Tennessee, on March 10 and one in Clarksville, Tennessee, on May 11. And according to those who attended the Murfreesboro-held event, it was well-worth attendance.

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