Courtney Brandon re-elected as SGA president, full campaign results released

The 2018 MTSU SGA campaign results were released Friday after students voted for officer and Senate candidates. Courtney Brandon, the current SGA president, was able to secure the position once again, despite being involved in a scandal during last year’s election. During the scandal, Brandon and current SGA Vice President of Campus Relations Timothy Bassett were impeached after being voted into office in the 2017 election due to alleged campaign violations. However, the impeachment charges were later dropped, and Brandon and Bassett denied the allegations. In the 2018 election, Brandon gained 564 votes, defeating her opponent, SGA Sen. Nathan Watkins, who gained 547 votes.

Students were able to vote for candidates online from Monday, April 9 until Thursday, April 12. For the full list of campaign results, read below.

Executive Vice President

Delanie McDonald ran unopposed for the position and gained 934 votes

Vice President of Marketing 

Bre’Yhana Johnson also ran unopposed and gained 1014 votes.

Vice President of Campus Relations

Chloe Brandon defeated Samantha Eisenberg after gaining 658 votes over Eisenberg’s 453.

Senator-At-Large positions 

Deja Watts, Megan Cole, Trey Jones, Emily Oppmann, Austin Davis, Seth Harrell and Kobe Hermann all received Senator-At-Large positions. Watts gained 744 votes. Cole gained 712. Jones gained 615. Oppmann gained 603. Davis 565. Harrell gained 565, and Hermann gained 522.

College of Media and Entertainment Senators  

Micaela Griffin, Ogechika Oselukwue and Devin Salazar all received College of Media and Entertainment Senate positions. Griffin gained 133 votes. Oselukwue gained 102. Salazar gained 101

College of Education Senators

Jaida Hill received a College of Education Senate position. Hill gained 49 votes.

Graduate College Senators 

Chance Cansler and Chastity Frazier received Graduate College Senate positions. Cansler gained 23 votes, and Frazier gained 21.

College of Basic and Applied Sciences Senators

Amber Ferguson, Tito Hernandez, Tommy Wilmore, Abbigail Tracy, Cory Nelson, Camdon Gathwright, Jonathan Ciecka and Aysa Cobb received College of Basic and Applied Sciences Senate positions. Ferguson gained 136 votes. Hernandez gained 133. Wilmore gained 130. Tracy gained 129. Nelson gained 115. Gathwright gained 110. Ciecka gained 108. Cobb gained 104.

College of Behavioral and Health Sciences Senators 

Sydnee Scott, Mahlet Aklile and Clancey O’Dell received College of Behavioral and Health Sciences Senate positions. Scott gained 229 votes. Aklile gained 167, and O’Dell gained 154.

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