Local bands bring Nashville together for Nordista Freeze’s 22nd birthday bash

Photo and story by Trianne Newbrey / Contributing Writer

On Friday, friends, fans and family gathered in the small, comfy confines of Nashville concert venue East Room to celebrate Nordista Freeze’s 22nd birthday.

The “Happy Birthday Nordista Freeze Birthday Bash” hosted four local Tennessee bands: Future Crib, The Broomestix, Freeze and Spaceface.

Freeze is a Nashville native who writes his own psychedelic rock-inspired music.

“Freeze has always been a great friend to all of us for a long time. Everyone he seems to come in contact with seems to be a lot better off,” said Johnny Hopson, the lead vocalist for Future Crib.

Starting off the evening, Future Crib, a Nashville-based band, rocked the crowd from the get-go with songs such as “Tude” from their 2017 album, “Stevie B.,” and more recent singles like “Let’s Talk.”

Freeze described the Future Crib set as the “best Future Crib set yet” and said that Hopson’s work was excellent.

The Broomestix followed shortly behind Future Crib. The 12-member band huddled together on the small stage to bless the room with funky percussion rhythms and groovy melodies.

“We are here to create and celebrate,” said Madi Marie, the vocalist for the Broomestix.

The Nashville-based R&B and funk ensemble captivated the crowd with their newly released single, “Dang,” that went into a funky interpretation of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”.

The band also featured two new singles released by two MTSU students; Ally Burgess guest featured with the Broomestix to showcase her new single, “Lil Mama,” and Dominique Caster featured his earlier 2018 release, “Lightbulb.”

“We hope you’re having a good time, but we know you’re going to have an even better time when the birthday boy comes up,” said Connor Broome, the founder of The Broomestix.

Adorned in party hats, Freeze took the stage next. In a matter of seconds the venue became one big birthday party with floating balloons and party confetti everywhere. They were even throwing around Custom keychains to promote him.

“Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party,” exclaimed Freeze to the packed venue. “Today begins a tour for me and our friends. We’re playing 17 shows in 17 days.”

The last set of the night was the Memphis-based band Spaceface. Jake Ingles, one of the lead singers and guitarists for the band, led an amazing closing set with a giant rainbow parachute to bring a little elementary-gym nostalgia to the audience.

The venue filled with neon lights and a thin layer of fog as Spaceface ended the night with their song “Spread Your Head.”

“It’s very special,” Freeze said in regard to celebrating his birthday at a concert. “I mean, music is what I was raised to do, and I just dropped out of school recently. For me, this is everything I have. For me, I’m trying to give.”

The Broomestix and Spaceface even made it a point to dedicate a song to Freeze in honor of his birthday. Devonte Buford of The Broomestix melded one of their songs into a rap in honor of the birthday boy, and Spaceface took a moment in the middle of their set to sing “Happy Birthday.”

“I’ve dedicated my whole life towards this,” Freeze said. “I hope that you can feel a little more hopeful and full of peace and a little more full of cake.”

The energy in the room from the beginning of the night was jubilant. Right up to the last song of the night, fans were supportive and excited for all the bands that performed on stage. Friday was a birthday to remember for everyone.

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