Photos: Reception, lecture held for Susan Kae Grant art project in Baldwin Photography Gallery

Night Journey Displayed in MTSU's Baldwin Photographic Gallery on Monday, Oct. 8, 2018, in Murfreesboro, Tenn. (Katherine Garrett / MTSU Sidelines)

Story and photos by Katherine Garrett / Contributing Writer 

The reception for Susan Kae Grant’s art photography project, “Night Journey,” which is currently hanging in the Baldwin Photographic Gallery, was held Monday, following a lecture about her work and process creating the project. The works are based on audio recordings of her own dreams in a sleep lab, which were later transcribed and used to help inspire the work.

The pieces are photographs of silhouettes, both digital and on film, made on sets with props and models. During the lecture, Grant specifically mentioned that all of what was in the photo was shot on set. Nothing was added in later. The show features large digital prints hung individually and as triptychs, along with a video projected onto the front wall. The exhibition will be on display through Nov. 9.

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