MTSU Theatre Arts Department showcases wit and wonder in ‘Noises Off!’

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Story by Meraleigh Queener / Contributing Writer

In the wealth of scattering clumsiness and comedic chaos, MTSU’s Theatre Arts Department opened “Noises Off!,” capturing a play-within-a-play with the audience taking on the role of the audience. “Noises Off” began Thursday night and ran through Sunday at Tucker Theatre.

This delightful theatre piece introduced the audience to an alluring two-story traditional home caught in the process of the theatre group’s whooping dress rehearsal for ”Nothing On,” filled with embarrassing memory slips, emotional disarray, secretive affairs and swirling sweeps of misunderstandings throughout the show.

The set rotated in the second act, as the clock struck for opening night where the audiences’ eyes are glued to the action taking place behind the set. The actors adroitly displayed non-verbal chaos occurring behind the curtain simultaneously as the show went on essentially choreographing an artful scene with meticulously timed beats and animated expression.

The audience finally saw the performers after extensive time on tour in the third act tongue-tied and bent out of shape from the weight of the rising tension between personal relationships, hysterically struggling to stick to the script and remain in character.

The characters radiated with liveliness as the audience’s tummy twists and turns with the slamming doors, missing trousers and sardines!

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