‘God’s Not Dead’ tour visits MTSU campus, author Rice Broocks defends evidence for existence of God

Story and Photo by Seth Whitehead / Contributing Writer

Christian apologist and author Rice Broocks presented and defended evidence for the existence of God during a part of the “God’s Not Dead” tour on Wednesday night in the Student Union Ballroom.

Broocks spoke for an hour and a half about why he believes in the existence of a God. He presented evidence from the Teleological Argument, the moral argument and about the historical accuracy and evidence for the Bible.

“The existence of evil doesn’t point to the absence of God from the world but his absence from our lives,” said Broocks, discussing the coexistence of God and evil.

The book “God’s Not Dead” is one of a few Broocks has written. It is what prompted the movies with the same title, released in 2014. Broocks has also written “Myth Messiah” and “Every Nation in Our Generation.” He pastors churches and is the co-founder of Every Nation, an organization that plants churches, hosts campus events and sends out missionaries.

“Real faith is based on evidence,” said Broocks. “And that’s why the book is subtitled “Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty.”

Dr. Ming Wang, an eye surgeon, accompanied Brooks during his speech. Wang has studied the human eye extensively and has performed over 55,000 eye surgeries, over 4,000 of which were on doctors. Wang said the sheer complexity of the human eye is the reason he believes in a God.

“I realized that life is not just about science,” said Wang. “Life is about faith and science. Each serves its own purpose. Science tells you about what things are; faith tells you why things are.”

Wang, an immigrate from China who graduated from Harvard & MIT, has many years of education and experience, including a PhD in laser physics. He has also published nine textbooks.

After the presentation, Broocks and Wang answered audience questions for about an hour and a half. Students had questions regarding ancient non-Christian authors who confirmed the Bible, how old the universe is and how Christians should respond to homosexuality. Free copies of Broock’s “God’s Not Dead” were distributed after the meeting.

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