Leaked conversations expose possible white supremacist propaganda distribution

Fliers from Vanguard America that were found in 2018 on MTSU's campus. (Photo courtesy of MTSU Black Student Union / Twitter)

Leaked conversations from the neo-Nazi, white supremacist group Patriot Front, the rebranded version of Vanguard America, have exposed a plan to distribute fliers and posters on more than 120 campuses across the U.S. this weekend, according to the digital community “It’s Going Down,” an online platform that exposes fascist groups’ activities.

It is unclear if MTSU– who has been targeted by Vanguard America before– is on this list.

According to the website’s information, Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau spread a message on the group’s private server “RocketChat” on September 14 for his followers to coordinate the spreading of posters and fliers on Sept. 27-29.

A forum post discussing plans for Patriot Front to distribute posters.
Photo courtesy of It’s Going Down

The post from Rousseau states that their goal is to visit “120+ campuses on these days. This coordinated placement will be with the new materials EXCLUSIVELY and you will be able to order and obtain them very soon.”

What the “new materials” are remains unknown.

He also stated that if Patriot Front members could not distribute material during the suggested period, they should attempt to put them up “after, or during the week.” Members are also being encouraged not to wear masks during the distribution, so as to draw not too much attention, but should instead wear hats and sunglasses, as well as gloves to cover fingerprints.

Another forum post describing the Patriot Front's instructions for delivering propaganda.
Photo courtesy of It’s Going Down

Patriot Front is the rebranding of the group Vanguard America, to which James Alex Fields–the man who struck and killed protestor Heather Heyers with his car in the Charlottesville protests back in 2017– belonged.

MTSU has had multiple issues with white supremacist propaganda before, when both Vanguard America and Identity Evropa spread fliers and stickers around campus.

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