MTSU Celebrates 10 Years of Rocky Horror Picture Show

MTSU Spare projected various images on the walls of the James Union Building to let attendees know they were in the right place on October, 18, 2019. (Makayla Boling / MTSU Sidelines)

Story and Photos by Makayla Boling

On Friday, October 19, and Saturday, October 20, MTSU Spare hosted a live shadowcast of Rocky Horror Picture Show, performed by Little Morals, in the James Union Building. This year marked the 10 year anniversary of Rocky Horror at MTSU, and to kick off the weekend there was a live Q&A with Barry Bostwick, who plays Brad Majors in the film.

Barry Bostwick made his appearance at Friday night’s showing, and gave fans a night to remember. Those who have never attended the live show are deemed “virgins”, and are given a red balloon to represent “popping their cherries” and a large red “V” on their foreheads. Bostwick greeted the crowd by saying, “I haven’t seen this many virgins since junior high.” In his introduction, Bostwick brought up many of the iconic one-liners from the film such as “Don’t dream it, be it” and called himself a “Preacher of the Rocky Horror Gospel”, to be referred to as “Your Assholiness” in reference to Brad Majors being known as the “asshole”.

After this, Bostwick changed his tone and got serious. One of the opening numbers of the movie is a duet between Brad and Janet called “There’s a Light”, and Bostwick used this to inspire the audience to carry on the community that Rocky Horror is all about.

“That light has come to mean something, that I think is pretty special to the community of Rocky Horror and to many people that have been entertained by it over the years. It’s a light that I think has to be lit forever. It’s a light that you, the audience, has to take forward and that is the light of governing, and understanding of who you are, and having tolerance for the differences between us all and tolerances for the people who have other sexual and social ideas.”

To kick off the Q&A and get back to the excitement, Bostwick gave the 18+ audience more than they expected to see. Those who attended know what that means.

Bostwick gave insight into what happened behind the scenes, the controversy at the time, character progression, and how other actors handled their roles. He even mentions, and performs part of a musical number that was cut out of the film that was meant to show Brad’s change of character and open mind after his intimate scene with Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is a tradition for many people during the month of October. There are shadowcasts put on all over the country, where people can attend in their skimpiest clothing and drop as many f-bombs as they feel necessary for the occasion. It is a celebration of freedom, sexuality, and how far society has come in acceptance of the LGBT community.


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