Popular Murfreesboro band “Shelter Cove” drops new single

Photo courtesy of Shelter Cove

Story and Photos by Elizabeth Juengling/Contributing Writer

Shelter Cove, a popular local band comprised of MTSU students, released their newest single “Shut the Lights Out” on Oct. 25, 2019. 

Shelter Cove is a self-described pop/rock group consisting of vocalist Abbie Garrett, guitarist Ethan Forrest and drummer Andy Modaff. 

“Shut the Lights Out” ties the angst that all pop-rock fans love with a catchy chorus and powerful vocals. Shelter Cove perfectly blends facets of rock, pop and electronica to create a potential indie-pop anthem. 

Garrett leaves it all on the floor with this single. She proves to be a multi-dimensional vocalist with a haunting lower-range and rock-esque belting in the chorus. 

The song follows Garrett asking someone to take away her hurt and shield her from the cruel world. She touches on the relatable insecurity of trying to find a place in the world and the need to feel someone else’s support in order to gain validity. 

On Instagram, Shelter Cove said, “We’ve been working so hard over the past year to create music that speaks to you guys and makes us really excited, and we’ve never felt more proud to share a song.”

For an up-and-coming, independent band, this single sounds like that of a band that has been together touring and recording for a decade. Shelter Cove has a clear understanding of who they are as a band and that is articulated clearly to any listener. 

“Shut the Lights Out” is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Shelter Cove will perform at the Ridenour Rehearsal Studios in Murfreesboro on Nov. 8, 2019.

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