Local artist Nordista Freeze releases new beach-inspired single

Photo courtesy of  Nordista Freeze

Story by Alyssa Poston/Contributing Writer

Nordista Freeze, a local artist and fan favorite for students at MTSU, released his newest single this past weekend.

Although he is currently touring southeastern states until early April, he’s managed to continue producing content. “Dolphin” is the third release he’s done in three months.

Freeze first announced this to his followers on Instagram, his most active platform, through a few beach-themed pictures with concise captions— eventually sticking to the app’s countdown feature.

Although those who often attend his shows are already familiar with the song, they expressed their eagerness on social media. Many fans have shared their excitement to replay the “legendary” riff as they please.

The song has a playful feel with its Beach Boys-inspired harmonies that contrast with his almost self-reflective lyrics, but this sound isn’t new for Freeze. “It’s about feeling a little less than best on vacation,” Freeze said.

“Dolphin” can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music or live while he’s still on tour. Tour dates are available on his Instagram (@nordistafreeze).


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