A Summary of President Biden’s Executive Orders: Environment

Story by Ashley Barrientos / Lifestyles Editor

Cover photo designed by Toriana Williams / News Editor

Biden’s predecessor was known for lack of environmental policy and enforcing little to no regulations, but the new president has recently signed multiple climate-oriented executive actions that aim to combat global warming. 

Biden’s first environmental order: rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.  

The agreement is a formal U.S. commitment to compliance with international carbon emissions goals. 

He has also reversed an array of Trump’s policies that had aimed to weaken car emission standards and other industry regulations that were extremely harmful to the environment. 

The Biden administration has also paused all oil and gas leases on public land, focusing more on global warming science and the shift from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy. 

Additionally, Biden’s actions aim to double offshore wind-driven energy by 2030 and conserve 30 percent of federal lands and oceans by 2030.

These actions are a large shift from the Trump administration’s legacy of being absent from the global narrative fighting against climate change.

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