Saturday, June 10, 2023

Netflix drama “Maid” is one of the most-watched miniseries yet


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Story by Abigail Ostovich | Contributing Writer

One of Netflix’s newest shows, “Maid,” has been in the top 10 category for weeks now due to the audience’s love for the heart rendering story. 

The drama is based off true events inspired by the memoir called, “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s Will to Survive,” written by Stephanie Land. 

The show starts by introducing us to a young woman named Alex fleeing her home in the middle of the night with her two-year-old daughter, Maddy, with only a few small bags to carry their belongings.

Alex has no clue where she is headed or what to do next but her only concern is leaving her emotionally abusive alcoholic boyfriend, Sean. With the help of a compassionate social worker, Alex is given a lead on a job at a cleaning service called Value Maids and immediately begins working. 

Throughout the 10 episodes we watch as Alex goes from home-to-home and struggle to survive and provide for her daughter Maddy with her meager paychecks, the occasional favor from family members and government assistance. 

Alex not only has to worry about providing basic needs for herself and her daughter but must constantly fight to maintain custody of Maddy, deal with new obstacles that constantly seem to be thrown her way, steer clear of her abusive ex Sean and occasionally check on her mother, Paula, who suffers from severe dipolar disorder and refuses to take any medication.

Each episode feels more and more like the odds are stacked against Alex as you watch her struggle in every moment and it doesn’t take long for her to become an easy character to root for. As much as Alex struggles with every aspect in her life, she always pushes herself harder for her daughter. 

You learn about Alex’s past as a child and her deep-rooted childhood traumas become evident throughout the show the more Alex’s character develops. The audience is given more background to her parents and why Alex is not close to either her father or her mother. 

“Maid” provides a realistic depiction of just how difficult life can be when forced to fight to make ends meet and care for not only yourself but also a child. 

The perfectly performed drama shows that even during the roughest days, humanity and compassion can still be found. “Maid” will keep you drawn in until the last second of the final episode. 

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