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Yung Gravy at Bonnaroo: “The fans make everything worth it.”


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By Kaleigh Young

MTSU Seigenthaler News Service

Building a brand of yourself in the rap industry can be very difficult and frustrating, the rapper known as Yung Gravy told reporters at Bonnaroo a few hours before his early evening set at the That Tent.

But Yung Gravy, whose given name is Matthew Raymond Hauri, made it to Bonnaroo, he proudly noted. The Rochester, Minnesota native has also made a mark in the recording world. The American rapper has had three platinum songs, including “Mr. Clean.” 

Standing at more than six and a half feet in height, with blonde curly hair framing his face, Yung Gravy offered a wide smile as he talked about his career and answered questions. During college he was attracted to rapping and he began building his music from the ground up. Most of Gravy’s songs contain samples from other artists that he remixes into his own music. 

Because he usually didn’t have rights to use copyrighted music this hurdle was challenging, he said. Consequently, a lot of his music was unreleased until he had the rights to do so. 

On Gravy’s song “Betty, (Get Money)” he sampled “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Atlsey, but still ended up in a lawsuit with Rick Atlsey for the right of publicity and “theft of voice.” Creating a brand all by himself made him feel lost at first, he admitted, but Yung Gravy said he kept posting work despite the risk of not being liked. 

“When creating my brand from scratch I focused on making it sexy and mysterious, rather than if I was liked enough to be doing this. If someone doesn’t like my music, that’s okay. I understand my music isn’t for everyone, but I’m going to keep pursuing it,” he said.

Yung Gravy is known for his love for his fan base, also known as the Gravy Train. He loves leaving fans with an unforgettable impression. 

“Even if you are hungover, and did not get any sleep, you still keep a smile in every picture. The fans make everything worth it.”   

His appearance at Bonnaroo followed the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama, where Yung Gravy took a nasty fall and broke his wrist. 

He was sure no one saw him fall until he got up and realized the stage had two jumbo screens on both sides. 

“When life gives you loses you wait for the wins.” He reassured reporters that he was going to be more diligent about where to exit the stage at his Bonnaroo performance.

Kaleigh Young is a staff writer for MTSU Sidelines.

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