ITD: Don’t Download iOS 8 on Campus

The Internet Technology Division of MTSU sent an e-mail out early Tuesday afternoon, asking that students not download the new iOS update, which is scheduled to release on Wednesday.

“The University is experiencing significant speed issues with Internet access this week,” ITD said in the e-mail. “With our current constrained bandwidth, a significant number of users downloading the IOS upgrade will be very detrimental to our Internet access speeds.”

ITD requests that students using Apple devices who wish to upgrade to iOS 8 not use the university network to do so.

While ITD has been working since the summer to increase internet speed and the amount of Wi-Fi accessibility across campus, the current bandwidth available to the university has not improved and will remain unchanged until the appropriate permit is obtained through the city of Murfreesboro.

“We are continuing to monitor demand and are actively working to deliver as much bandwidth as possible to our students, classes and staff,” said ITD. “We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.”


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