Friday, September 22, 2023

University Gables Shooting Victims Identified as MTSU Students


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Two victims of a shooting that occurred at University Gables apartments early Sunday morning have been identified as MTSU students.

Dartavious Brittenum, 19, and Travious Miller, 19, received multiple gunshot wounds on Sunday. Both are listed under the MTSU student directory as freshman.

Brittenum and Miller were taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center via Lifeflight with critical injuries, according to an incident report filed by the Murfreesboro Police Department.

Police still have no information on the suspects at this time.

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  1. This incident makes me feel very unsafe. I am sure that I am not the only one that is nervous after hearing about this shooting. I live off campus and am currently an MTSU student. I have a friend that lives at University Gables and I was actually considering moving into those apartments next fall. After this incident, I will not move there. There has been multiple shootings at off campus locations and I believe that these incidents are going to hurt the apartment complexes and MTSU. I think it is very likely that these shootings are going to decrease student enrollment. Parents are not going to feel safe having their children live here. This is very unfortunate because MTSU is a great University and I love going to school here. Incidents like this though make me feel very unsafe and nervous. I hope apartment complexes will increase their security to help stop some of the violence. I know I would feel a lot safer if my apartment complex had a gated entrance and an intercom system in order to let certain people in. I hope some steps will be made to make living off campus safer. It would be great to someday not have to worry about any violence or shootings here in Murfreesboro. Hopefully, these incidents do not negatively affect MTSU. I hope the two victims from University Gables are going to be okay and they will continue to be in my prayers.

  2. I agree. These incidents seem to be a daily occurrence. I live at the Gables, and I understand every night that I go outside my apartment it is more likely that I will be directly involved in a shooting. Although it’s not MTSU’s fault that these things happen off campus, I also realize there is little they can do to prevent them. I am disappointed by this reality. I love MTSU. The campus, faculty, and students make MTSU one of a kind; that’s why I chose to go to MTSU.
    However, the University needs to find some way to address these issues. Although, a lot of these incidents happen off campus, they are part of the MTSU “campus” because they are student apartments. There should be an expected level of safety at MTSU on and off campus.
    I generally feel safe walking on campus during the day, but as night falls I feel my anxiety rise. I don’t feel safe on or off campus at night. I do everything I can to avoid going out at night in Murfreesboro, but that isn’t always so easy.
    I hate living in Murfreesboro. It is something that I have learned to deal with, because I love the school and the programs it offers. But, I have decided that for the fall semester that I will to commute to MTSU from home instead of having an apartment in Murfreesboro. Despite the added convenience, it’s not worth the added cost or the level fear.
    Any freshman looking into going to MTSU, understand that you are not safe at any of the off-campus apartments or any of the dorms on campus no matter how much you pay. Realize that you will live in Murfreesboro not at MTSU.
    If the University continues to ignore the crime on and off campus they will see the impacts on their bottom line. And with talks of raising tuition next year, and the institution of two free years at a community college for incoming freshmen, I’m sure there will be a significant decrease in enrollment in the near future.

  3. Seeing this news report was very traumatizing. The two victims that were shot were two guys I knew for a long time. Dartavious was my best friend younger brother, and Travious I met during the summer. It is very sad seeing how people continue to act reckless over the smallest things. The night that incident happened was a party thrown by my friends. Earlier that week I helped planned the party, and was actually going to attend the party. Luckily I did decide to stay home. It’s unfortunate that people got hurt, but I think I can say that it’s a blessing that no one died. Going home I promised my best friend that I would look after her brother for now on. It sucks going to a school and having to worry about people attacking innocent by standers over something so small and stupid. After that incident, I believe no one else went to a party for the rest of that semester. After that I gave up the party scene myself. It’s just sad how people who aren’t in school attack people who actually are trying to do something with their lives.

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