Shots fired, assault reported near TEMPT nightclub

TEMPT Murfreesboro
The logo for TEMPT nightclub in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. (TEMPT)

Police responded to several reports of shots fired near the Murfreesboro square early Saturday morning, leading police to question witnesses at local nightclub TEMPT.

According to Murfreesboro Police, an employee of Whiskey Dix Saloon reported shots in the area at 2:21 a.m. Upon arrival, an officer located several shell casings on South Walnut Street between West Main Street and South Vine Street, along with several drops of blood.

Police then talked with a security guard at TEMPT, who told officers he had confronted a man for a harassing a female patron before the shots rang out. The unidentified male proceeded to hit the guard with a beer bottle. The guard retaliated with a blow to the male’s face, causing him to bleed around the eye. The male then left TEMPT and headed in the direction where the shell casings and blood were found.

There are no identifiable suspects at this time.

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