MTSU’s Reggie Upshaw to undergo wrist surgery

Reggie Upshaw faces off against a Michigan State player in game 1 of the 2016 NCAA tournament. MTSU upset Michigan with an unexpected 90-81 victory. (MTSU Sidelines/ Sarah Grace Taylor)

Photo by Sarah Taylor // Managing Editor

The Blue Raider’s Reggie Upshaw will experience a delay in his preseason training due to a wrist surgery on Thursday to repair a torn ligament.

Upshaw, an upcoming MTSU senior and Blue Raiders forward, played the most minutes of any Blue Raider and scored the second most points on his team last season. During the postseason, Upshaw experienced some discomfort in his left wrist, but continued play. An MRI from Friday revealed the damaged ligament, and Upshaw scheduled the surgery alongside head coach Kermit Davis.

“We expect him to be very diligent in his rehabilitation and make a full, strong recovery,” Davis said on Upshaw’s upcoming procedure.

Despite the setback, Upshaw will not be entirely removed from preseason skill development. After six weeks of rehabilitation, he will be cleared for running and conditioning, and for non-contact activities after approximately 90 days. Upshaw will experience some pain and discomfort for a week or so after his surgery so that time will be taken for him to rest and let his surgery wounds heal. Depending on his doctor’s medical advice, he may be prescribed CBD oil to help manage the pain and reduce some of the swelling, speeding up the healing time or he could be prescribed other pain management drugs. The date of the upcoming surgery is unclear, although it’s known to be soon. If you have suffered ligament damage in your wrist then it is important that you contact a medical professional as soon as possible. If you live in the state of New York and are in need of a surgeon then it may be in your best interests to get in touch with Hand Surgeons NYC for further help and support.

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